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The Healthiest Fast Food Orders For When You Have No Choice

Sometimes truly healthy food is difficult to come by.

When you're on a tight budget, on the go, or stuck in traffic, you can't really be very picky with your meal. Sometimes you have no other choice than to eat fast food even if you know it isn't very healthy. But here are the best picks if you're on a diet and counting calories.

Burger King

Whopper Jr. without mayo (260 calories, 10g of fat, 2g of fiber). Its burgers are heavy on the stomach, and this is the lightest one available. It’s not so bad.


Yum! burger (150 calories, 25g of sugar, 15mg of sodium). Order this with more tomato, lettuce, and cheese. It’s a good way to have some vegetables in your food.


One-piece Drumstick (120 calories, 7g of fat, 380mg of sodium) with rice (206 calories). If you want a light meal just to keep the hunger away, this is it. The whole wing has 140 calories, while the breast without the skin has 130.

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1. Regular hamburger (250 calories, 9g of fat, 520mg of sodium). It’s got fewer calories (around a third) and less fat than the Quarter Pounder!

2. Six-piece Chicken McNuggets (280 calories, 17g fat, 600mg sodium). The meat isn’t really the healthiest or the freshest, but their calories are low compared to the other snacks available.

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3. Egg McMuffin (300 calories, 17g of protein, 750mg of sodium, 4g of fiber). It’s an excellent source of calcium.


Six-inch Roast Beef Sandwich on Wheat Bread (310 calories, 5g of fat, 24g of protein, 700mg of sodium). This is lightest sandwich they have, and it’s generously stuffed with vegetables.

Taco Bell

1. Crunchy Taco (170 calories, 10g of fat, 290g of sodium).

2. Crunchy Taco Supreme (200 calories, 12g of fat, 320g of sodium).


1. Chili (190 calories, 6g of fat, 830mg of sodium). It’s filling but also low on calories.

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2. Quarter-Pound Single Hamburger (250 calories, 8g of fat, 490mg of sodium). You’re better off ordering this light burger than the others or choosing their 700-calorie salads.

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