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Dance + Eat To Lose Weight!

Here's a great way to stay fit even after bikini season.

The challenge: 21 days of low-carb, low-calorie meals courtesy of The Sexy Chef combined with 10 days of 1-hour Zumba sessions.


The Sexy Chef partnered with RT Studios, headed by licensed celebrity Zumba instructor Regine Tolentino, for a 21-day program that combines fat-burning Latin dance moves with nutritional support from Manila's top health food delivery service. 

To complement the workouts, The Sexy Chef's Barni Alejandro-Rennebeck designed a brand new menu of delicious, low calorie and carb-controlled dishes to complement your Zumba sessions. We've already tried the Fit & Sexy Summer Challenge, so we're pretty excited for another round of healthy meals and fun workouts to ensure our bikinis fit us year-round. 

* The Zumba + Nutrition Challenge runs from June 9 - 30, 2014 and costs P8,000.

* Those who only want meal deliveries: P6,000.

For more info, check out the poster below:

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