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What Margot Robbie Did To Get Her 'Suicide Squad' Body

Go, Harley!

Suicide Squad came out this week, and the Internet had a lot to say. Despite the horrible reviews the movie has gottenseriously, the shitstorm has been unsettling—many have claimed that Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn is the only redeeming part of Suicide Squad: "Even when the camera is not focused on her, the audience’s attention is focused on her." And with good reason! Margot had to train HARD for this role, and people took notice (no, we're not just talking about her short shorts). 

Her trainer, Andie Hecker, talked about the kinds of exercises Margot had to do for the movie. Apparently, they focused more on cardio workouts, specifically Pilates, running, swimming, and trampoline-jumping.

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They focused on elongating the body on the Pilates reformer: "We did a lot of planks on the machine. You can do planks facing the front or back of the machine. There's a ton of different types of planks. It works in an elongated fashion so it's not just crunching, you're keeping the abs and waist long. We also did a lot of leg lifts using the handles.

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Andie also targeted Margot's butt because of her costume: "For the glutes, we did heavier resistance and lower reps to work on building that muscle a little more. I included heavier ankle weights than I would normally give someone—I would give her 5-pound ankle weights. We'd do lower reps, so 20 leg lifts with that ankle weight on, and then take a break to move on to the other leg to do another 20, making sure her glutes were doing it and not her hamstrings.

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