10 People To Unfollow On Instagram

Just do it.

Instagram means a lot to different people. For some, it’s something that keeps them sane in traffic or the thing that keeps them entertained when they’re bored. For others, it’s their morning and evening ritual, so much a part of their daily grind, that it’s enough to be considered a Lenten sacrifice.

Whatever your intention is for setting up your account, it is important to contemplate and evaluate the kind of content you'd like to see on your feed. After all, a social media platform such as Instagram should provide you a pleasurable experience. Your feed, your rules; and it might be for your own good to hit that unfollow button. So, yes, just do it.

1. The Selfie Queen

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It’s funny/cute at first, but it gets tiring. How many times in a day does one need to show off her I-woke-up-like-this, no-makeup look? And who is she kidding, really? We can see blush, powder, and lip tint from a mile away.

2. The Ex-Boyfriend

Gotta do it for your own good. There are just some things you’re better off not seeing.

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3. The Ex-Girlfriend

Gotta do it for your own sanity. Some girls are just plain cray.

4. The Crazy Hashtagger

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Three things: #You’reAnnoying #You’reSoDesperateForLikes #UnfollowingYouNow

5. The Celebrity Endorser

The only reason he/she created an account in the first place is so that she has a platform to post all her endorsements she’s paid to promote. Stick to peeps like Kim K who’s always entertaining and often controversial. 

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6. The Humble Bragger

Nobody likes a show off, but a person trying to mask self-promotion with humble brags is a lot worse. If you don’t give a damn about that person who can’t get over the fact some celeb liked his/her post, then what’s stopping you from removing that person from your feed?

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7. The Flooder

Seriously. How many posts does one need to upload in an hour? Ever heard of spreading out your posts?

8. The Hater

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So much negativity you don’t need in your life. People like this bring out unpleasant emotions, so stop the hate and just unfollow.

9. The “Foodie”

Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with this person. It’s just that her posts make you so damn hungry all the time. Not good for that bikini bod you’ve been working hard for.

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10. The Who?

You suddenly see a post and you ask yourself, “Who is this?” You may have accidentally followed some random person you met before who is obviously irrelevant to your life and now you don’t even remember him/her. Just unfollow, he probably won’t notice anyway.

This story originally appeared on Stylebible.ph.

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