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10 Signs You're The Wild Child Of The Barkada

You're the life of the party, basically.

1. You begin your night by having a glass (or five) of alcohol with your pre-game dinner.

Screw the serving of red wine to match your meal. For you, every moment is a chance to get the party started. Bring on the dirty margaritas, tequila sunrises, and gin tonics!

2. The club is your second home.

While the rest of your tita friends prefer chill nights creating DIY arts and crafts projects or having milk tea while discussing How to Get Away with Murder, superclubs like Valkyrie and Universe serve as your sanctuary. Why wouldn’t they be? Dark, strategically lit places like these are perfect for when…

3. You flirt with every good looking man who passes your way.

You don't stop at just batting your eyelashes—you grab their butt-cheeks, shamelessly catcall, and secretly hope that one of those poor dudes reacts positively to your come-ons. Sadly for you, the good ones never do. Because in reality…


4. You’re really, really attracted to man-tank wearing gorillas.

Also known as the douchebags who wear shades indoors, like taking sweaty selfies, and consider EDM as soulful music. You know, the dude who responds to the walwal girl’s mating call. 

5. Your friends have to stop you from taking your top off in the club.

They also have to remind you that this isn’t LaBoracay and that you’ve forgotten to wear a bra–yet again. 

6. You scream at everyone during regular conversations.

Your barkada is so used to it that they aren’t even ashamed to nod at your slurred sentences and whip out tissues to clean their mugs of your spit. Alcohol and raging club tunes can render any woo-girl deaf beyond help.

7. Your idea of great music is Maroon 5.

You use phrases like “Adam Levine is such a revelation!” and “That song ‘Animals’ is so hot right now” in a serious manner. They are born, not from an original opinion, but from too much screenings of The Voice reruns.  

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8. You always wake up the next day with mysterious scrapes and bruises.

You try knocking into things in a drunken stupor while wearing five-inch stiletto heels and see if you don’t get hurt!

9. Screaming “Wooooo!” is your default reaction to everything.

Free drinks for ladies: “Wooooo!” The DJ plays your favorite song: “Wooooo!” You have to be wheeled out of the bar again: “Wooooo!”

10. Despite having a major hangover, you go out the next night and do it all over again.

Because, in the end, it was all wooooorth it!

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