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10 Struggles Of Girls Who Are Not Iyakin

People don't think you have feelings.

1. Everyone thinks you’re a cold-hearted bitch because you don’t shed tears whenever you see cute puppy videos.

But you know you’re really not! You feel all mushy inside, but you just can’t/won’t shed tears over it.

2. When your friends start crying while you’re watching a movie or because something ~*emotional*~ just happened, you just kind of sit there awkwardly.

And you just keep your mouth shut because WTF are you supposed to do anyway…

3. People don’t think you have feelings.

Like that time you broke up with your boyfriend and you didn't shed a tear in front of your friends and it was confusing and terrifying for them. (BUT YOU REALLY DO HAVE FEELINGS!)

4. You’ve experienced watching a sad movie surrounded by people who are sobbing uncontrollably .

You get it—it’s really sad, but there are just no tears. Like you wanted to bawl your eyes out during the opening credits of Up, but wala eh.

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5. There are times when you actually wish that you were iyakin just to get things off your chest.

You’ve rested your head against a window after an emotionally-draining day in the hopes that tears would magically fall down your cheeks and you’ll feel 100% better afterwards. Like in the movies! But it NEVER happens. :(

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6. Birthdays, graduations, and despedidas can get super awkward for you because you always feel like the kontrabida who isn’t crying when everyone is getting all feels-y.

But you ARE sad. Really sad in fact!

7. People actually ask you, “Bakit di ka umiiyak?”

~*Ganyan ka ba katigas, Bash?!*~

8. When you start to cry for no apparent reason, you start to panic.

And then 9/10 times, it was because you were PMS-ing. Screw you, hormones!

9. You’ve been in sad situations with your friends where you’ve actually said, “Kung iyakin lang ako, umiiyak na rin ako ngayon.”

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But you are not.

10. When you actually cry out of so much sadness and frustration, you know shit just got real. 

Awww snap! Wheeeeere are these tears coming frooooom.

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