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10 Things I Wish I'd Known About Getting Over An Ex

It is ridiculously impossible to finish a tub of ice cream on your own. While watching The Notebook.

1. There is no deadline.

People who tell you, "Oh, don't worry. You'll be over him in three months," have clearly never been in a relationship. You can be single for a year, but still cry over seeing your ex's photo on Instagram. With his dog. Or new girlfriend. Maybe, both.

But it also works the other way around. You CAN get over an ex in a month, especially if the breakup was something that's been playing inside your head before you actually broke up with him.

2. No one has to "fill in the space" your ex left...

That's bullshit. That tiny hole inside your heart that makes you feel "incomplete" is a myth. In real life, that's just called "being sad."

3. So hooking up or dating someone new immediately after is a stupid idea.

That guy will not fill in the "emptiness."

4. No amount of alcohol will make things easier.

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You can go out every night for the rest of the month, get drunk on patraaaan tequilaaa, and still come home feeling lonely—and that's perfectly normal. Getting random bouts of sadness during the day is okay. But what's NOT okay is if you let that dictate your mood for the rest of your #LYF. Everyone goes through a breakup at least once, so stop acting as if #nooneunderstands.

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5. Stalking your ex on social media is not cool.

Casually seeing his updates on your news feed? Fine. Going to his Facebook page and clicking every single one of his profile pictures (F*ck. He deleted our couple #selfies!), reading his tweets, and stalking his Instagram account are the worst things you can do to yourself. God, you have a job. Or school. Focus on those, dammit.

6. Stalking your ex's new girlfriend on social media is also not cool.

So what if she has Isabelle Daza's legs and Marian Rivera's face? Do you actually think she's getting the 2.0 version of your ex? Nope. She's still getting this.

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7. It is impossible to eat a tub of ice cream on your own. While watching The Notebook.

This is stupid. Okay fine, maybe you can do this during the first week after the breakup. Just stay away from these movies.

8. It's okay to miss HIM.

But don't let your emotions fool you. There's a reason why you guys didn't work out in the first place. The truth is, you don't really miss him. You just miss the IDEA of him.

9. Stop talking about him.

As women, we overanalyze things, because we think it helps us recover faster. But talking to your co-workers during lunch and telling them how much your ex was a sucky human being will not make the pain go away. Sure, it'll make you feel better for about five minutes. But talking about your ex negatively will only 1. Bring out old issues, making you feel mad, and 2. Bring out old issues, making you feel madder. #LetGo

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10. You shouldn't let yourself go.

"Stressed, depressed, but well-dressed," should be your mantra. Keep going to the gym. Get a facial once a month. Treat yourself to a mani-pedi session regularly. See your best girlfriends for brunch. Your new hashtag should be #BawalPumangit.