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10 Ways To Feel More #ConfidentlyBeautiful Without A Makeover

Be kind to someone.

Because feeling and being beautiful isn't always about how you look, but how you feel and how you make others feel.

1. Work out. Exercise elevates your mood and relieves you of stress, and bad mood and stress can make you feel ugly. Strength training might be best for you if you need to boost your self-esteem because a strong body is bound to make you feel proud and confident. Yoga is especially good for getting that inner peace and positive outlook, hence making you feel beautiful.

2. Travel. You don't have to go far, and it doesn't have to be extravagant. Seeing a new place or an old one with new eyes, as well as experiencing another culture, is enlightening. 

3. Be with nature. You can combine #1 and #2 by going on a scenic stroll at a park, hiking, or swimming at the beach. You'll feel one with the world and feel like everything is perfectly in place. The surroundings will get your attention and lift your spirits.

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4. Be kind to someone. When you make a stranger smile or surprise him with an unexpectedly thoughtful gesture, you'll catch him off guard for sure. But you can see how that person's day got brighter, and that's gold. He might even feel special or just appreciated, and who doesn't want that? Knowing you're a good human being (and that you help restore faith in humanity) rocks.

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5. Spend quality time with friends or family. There's nothing like feeling at home with them and having a good time or celebrating an occasion.

6. Go on a date with your guy. Fancy or not, a date is special. You'll be with someone who loves you and finds you beautiful. If he makes you feel sexy, CHA-CHING!

7. Do well at work. Nothing like career success to make you feel like you can conquer the world. Slay, woman. Slay.

8. Do something artsy. Coloring is a good stress reliever. If you want to kick the creativity up a notch, sketch, paint, or try making paper art!

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9. Dance to your feel-good jam. You can even sing while you dance just like you probably did in your childhood when you wished to be a pop star. You might be leading a different life now and wanting something different, but you have to admit that this is fun.

10. Smile. Did you know that your facial expressions can also affect your mood, and not just the other way around? If you didn't, try it yourself! Feel happy already? Good. You can't feel crappy and happy at the same time, but you can definitely feel happy and pretty!

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