11 Things Only Former Skinny Girls Understand

Story of your life: (At a reunion) 'Tumataba ka yata?'

1. You miss your former body shape.

That's the body so many people want these days, and you had it then LOST it. :(

2. When you see your old pictures, you can't help but wonder what on earth happened.

It feels like you're looking at a different person with a whole other lifestyle and attitude. How much of that person is still you today? You can't even believe that person used to be you.

3. Buying clothes in a bigger size broke your heart.

Especially in those first few shopping sprees when you were significantly bigger than before. But now you know it's normal for your body to change and that it's really not that big a deal.

4. You still have the clothes that no longer fit you 'cos you want to get back to your former size again.

It ain't over 'til it's over! If Halle Berry still fits into the jeans she wore in high school, so can you. You might be chubby now, but it doesn't mean you'll be chubby forever! You can sooooo get back to your old size and wear your old clothes again. Or at least try to.

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5. You secretly envy girls who've managed to maintain their skinniness over the years.

HOW DID THEY DO IT?! Ugh, some of them didn't even try to maintain their thin bodies but they're still thin now. It's not fair!

6. You can't get over how your face, particularly your CHEEKS, got so round and huge.

You might as well be the mascot of Din Tai Fung, TBH.

7. You kind of want to blame your boyfriend for taking you out so much. LOL.

The happy pounds don't always make you feel happy. Although the dates always do. <3

8. Okay, if not the boyfriend, you blame the pills.

Until you realize they also made your boobs a bit bigger so now you feel appeased. (And let's not forget all those pregnancy scares you avoided.)

9. You've gone through so many gatherings hearing people tell you that you're getting fat.

You won't even begin to wonder if they're talking about how fat you got behind your back. Ugh. People should just leave you and your body alone.

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10. The struggle to get back to your former body is real.

It's much, much harder when you don't have an active lifestyle and any real and lasting motivation. (You'd probably run to a pizza place if you had to, though.)

11. A part of you doesn't want to shrink back to a size 0.

You're happy with yourself anyway. You're strong and healthy. And anyone who ever said a chubby girl couldn't be beautiful or attractive CLEARLY hasn't seen you.

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