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11 Things Only Naturally Shy People Understand

People think you're suplada. You are not.

1. You know that getting-to-know activities can be a total bitch.

Your most dreaded day is always the first day of school simply because you have to re-introduce yourself nine times to your teachers and classmates. “Hi, you can call me Mika nga. Ano, paulit-ulit?”

2. You love practicing your spiels inside your head because on-the-spot lines don’t work for you.

Admit it. Every short phrase that comes out of your mouth when talking to your boss, your client, your professor, or even the delivery guy on the other end of the telephone line is a product of short mental rehearsals in your head because it’s better to be safe than to stutter!

3. Your handkerchief is your ultimate best friend and security blanket.

Do you feel shy when you talk to your boyfriend’s parents? Do your hands sweat non-stop? Do you catch butterflies in your stomach when you ask your guwapo groupmate for help? Worry no more because your trusty handkerchief is ready to save the day! You use it wipe your sweaty palms sabay takip sa bibig and you’re okay. One tip for chronically shy people? Never leave your hankies at home.

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4. You don’t believe in making the first move.

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When you are seated beside a stranger in your org’s first general assembly, you secretly pray that she starts talking first so that you can be friends. “Hello, I’m Bea! I’d love to be friends with you pero please, kausapin mo na ako because shy type talaga ako. HUHU.”

5. People always comment on your voice.

Your voice isn’t pa-cute, and it isn’t pabebe either. Mahina lang talaga boses mo because you are naturally shy. Sometimes, people even find your voice cute and malambing. Promise, it’s 100% natural and not pilit!

6. People get surprised when they witness your *hidden talent.*

Because you are shy and are obviously not fond of exposing your talent to the world, people get surprised when they hear you sing and play the piano, or when they see you belly dance or do a five-minute baby freeze for the first time.

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7. Even the smallest compliments easily make you blush and kilig.

Shy people are rarely boastful, and you know well that bragging isn’t your thing. On normal days, you appreciate the way you look and project yourself without finding the need to verbally flaunt it. But when people notice, you just can’t help but be flattered! Thank you!

8. People you are not close with often mistake you as someone who's suplada.

You always get that “Akala ko nung una masungit ka” first impression because your shyness has prevented you from being FC towards acquaintances and friends of friends.

9. Your resting bitch face can sometimes be a drag.

“Hindi ako BV, promise.”

10. You enjoy listening to people’s stories.

When you reunite with friends and relatives, you're most likely to be that girl who sits quielty in the corner and listens to everyone, rather than the storyteller who's in the middle of all the kuwento. Nothing wrong with that! Friends and family love your presence nonetheless. <3

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11. You’re generally the sweet type.

Shy people are often soft-spoken, so being called a palengkera isn’t one of your problems! You're very sweet and it's easy for people to like you, so friends gravitate towards you more.