11 Things Only Twins Will Understand

People ALWAYS want to know the difference between you and your twin.

1. You can't tell if it's you or her in your baby and toddler photos. And sometimes, even your parents don’t know! “Awww, which one are you in this photo?” Ummm. Pick any, we look the same anyway.

2. You always have someone to cover up for you. Whenever mom asks, “Where did your sister go?” or “Who is she out with tonight?” or “How is she going home?” No need to worry because twin sis, I gotchu.

3. People always ask if you can feel what the other twin is feeling. This is NOT TRUE...most of the time. Although, you tried this twin telepathy thing by holding hands and asking each other what colors were on your minds. You wish you could give people super cool answers, but hey, we look alike! Isn’t that weird and cool enough?

4. You get more popular, because strangers say hi to you all the time. Except they’re not strangers, they're your twin's friends! Sometimes people you don’t know try to high-five you and you just high-five them back even if you don’t know them. You just hate the idea of having to ignore the high-five and explain, “Oh I’m not her…” and then it just gets super awkward from there. 

5. You have your own twin language. Which is absolutely weird and top secret. Shh.

6. Sometimes you say the exact same thing at the exact same time. Even if you've been a twin your whole life, it is still super freaky when it happens but somehow amazing! But still freaky. Like, even your mom calls you “freaks.” :( 

7. People always want to know the difference between you and your twin. And you already have default answers like, "I'm the prettier one," or "I'm actually the favorite," because why not.

8. There's always someone to talk to when you get home. After school or work, you always have someone who immediately gets you. You're on the same wavelength, with almost the same experiences. 

9. Thanks to movies (ehem, Parent Trap!) people always ask if you’ve tried switching with your twin in school. The answer is no. She can't do your Calculus homework and you can't do her essay on Inferno. We may look the same, but we just have way different skills!

10. There’s always competition. She passed the screening test in the Painting Club at school; you didn’t. She graduated with honors; you didn’t. It can suck if you don’t know how to handle not comparing yourself, but you guys are awesome at different things and that in itself is awesome.

11. But no matter what happens, she is truly your first and forever best friend. Even if you sometimes want to pull each other's hair out, you know in your heart that she’s still someone you can really depend on because you were #wombmates. Awwww....yuck! Hi, twinnie! 

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