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12 Struggles Only Good Girls Understand

People think you have no personality at all!

1. People think you're a basic bitch. They assume you always just do what you're told and like what many people already like, because to them you're too weak to be your own person so you just conform and follow all the rules. They fail to consider that you think about your choices.

2. They think you have no personality. You're just the stiff wallflower, right? Can't make jokes about other people? Nope. You just know how to be proper and when to STFU. 

3. They think your life is boring. They think you have no adventures or juicy escapades to tell. So what? Who says only hookups are fun?

4. People think you're waiting to be liberated by a bad boy. Uh, no. Just because you don't go wild (in public, hihi) doesn't mean you aren't liberated. 

5. You've fallen for a bad boy, gone against the world for your relationship, and had your heart broken. No regrets though, because of the good times and the things you've learned about yourself and love, but you do wish sometimes that you didn't have such a cliche story.


6. People get so surprised and somehow judge you when you lose your cool. How can they expect you to not have road rage or something? And then they'll say you're such an impatient bitch or call you mataray behind your back? Being a good girl doesn't mean you can tolerate crap.

7. People think you're a pushover. Admittedly, it's hard for you to say no to people and see them upset. The thing is, the people who know you know that and will most likely take advantage of you. It's insulting, and you standing up for yourself can be used against you. Sometimes there's just no winning.

8. Everyone gives you too much attention for comfort whenever you wear revealing clothes. It's like they didn't think you had curves, a sexy back, or legs for days. Come on. You're not 8. Move on, people. (Can also be read as: "Thank you so much for recognizing my hotness! That's all I wanted, k bye.")

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9. You've said sorry for mistakes you didn't even do. You can't deal with bad blood and you know that pride usually gets the better of people, so you'll just go ahead and take the blame so things can run smoothly again. It's not exactly a good deed since you're not making people take responsibility for their actions and you're tainting your name, but sometimes it's your impulse.

10. Everyone jokes how you're such a bad-ass bitch when you do something "bad" like buy lingerie or skip a family dinner. Ha. ha. Okay, it is pretty funny. But sometimes you wish they sincerely applauded your bad-assery.

11. You don't have bitchy retorts on hand when someone's putting you down. Yup, you're just going to stand there defenseless, take the insults in, and try your best not to cry no matter how much you want to lose yourself.

12. Worst part is that the bitchy retorts come to you when it's too late. Like, eight-hours-later kind of late. Or the moments-before-you-fall-asleep-and-you're-lying-on-your-bed-thinking-about-your-day kind of late. You could've owned that person!!! If only your bitch senses went on at the right time... *sigh*


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