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12 Things People Should Stop Saying About Pretty Girls

She can't be kind, pretty, AND smart, right?

1. Why is a pretty girl like her still single? As if it's implied that if a girl's pretty, she has a boyfriend. Isn't being in a relationship her choice?

2. She must be crazy that's why she's still single. But not crazy enough to fall for all those jerks! Thank god.

3. She can't be kind, pretty, and smart. Why not? Those people who say that might just be speaking for themselves. LOL.

4. Good thing she's pretty! People say this when a pretty girl messes something up or isn't very bright. C'mon. She might have more redeeming qualities? Not that being pretty is a bad thing because it's not; it's just not everything.

5. She's hot when she's angry. Thanks but you might be getting a bit distracted? Focus on the words, man. The. Words.

6. She only got into the top school or company or position 'cos she's pretty. Pretty qualified, you mean. It's pretty saddening that a number of people still doubt a girl's ability just 'cos she's pretty. What's the connection?!


7. What's the fuss? It's not like she made herself look pretty. Not entirely true. Pretty girls most likely take good care of their skin to look their best, and that means they have a beauty regimen they uphold on a daily basis no matter how lazy or tired they are to do so. And some pretty girls make themselves extra pretty by putting on makeup—to look like that really pretty girl who has no need for makeup.

8. Did she get surgery? There's nothing wrong with getting something done on your face—let's be clear. But you can't just go around asking that! You'll just make people self-conscious or uncomfortable. (Yes, some people went through surgery to get rid of something they don't like; why would you want to remind them what it was?)

9. Does she spend a lot of time practicing her smile and knowing her angle in front of the mirror? A lot of pretty girls are way past that stage now, so their answer is no. (You might hear more yeses if you had asked "Did," BTW.)

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10. She should always be smiling so she's much, much prettier. Tell this to people who need it. HAHA. Seriously though, pretty girls have their reasons to frown and pout. It's also possible that they have a resting bitch face, and not everyone can make the great, great effort to keep a wide smile.

12. Too bad she's a lesbian. WTF?

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