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12 Things People Should Stop Telling Big Or Fat Women


1. "You need to work out more."

And their basis is your largeness? PLEASE. Just because you're not skinny, it doesn't mean you don't exercise. Besides, what are they, doctors? Psssh! And hello, some people are big-boned! Working out will not change bone structure, obviously.

2. "You should eat healthy so you'll lose the fat!"


Here are reasons why that statement SUCKS:

You do eat healthy or you try to. But it's not like body shape changes drastically from just having a balanced diet and avoiding junk food. Also, there are other shapes that can mean one is healthy or not. It's not just about being big = you're unhealthy, period.

People should know that someone isn't skinny just because of what she eats or her workouts. Sure, they help, but there are other factors involved, like genetics, metabolic rate, work hours and stress (long work hours and stress cause weight gain!), and access/being able to afford healthy food. By thinking that being skinny is a conscious choice, people have a tendency to blame fat people for being fatthat they have no self-control so they keep eating and eating or that they're too lazy to move. What's wrong about the blaming? Well, it blinds us from the truth and hurts that fat person. What if she's suffering from a metabolic disorder? What if she's too stressed out at work? Or can't afford anything beyond fast food? Or taking meds that are messing with her hormones?

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Everyone should eat healthy (and have the opportunity to do so) to be healthy.

3. "Beach season na! You need to go on a diet."

Seriously, why does any fat or "fat" person NEED to go on a diet for beach season? That's crazy. Okay, a person might answer "So she'll look hot or so she won't be teased at the beach." Well, whoever thinks that way needs a thought update, even if she might mean well. Being fat wherever and whenever isn't a sign that says "LAUGH AT ME." Being fat is one thing, body shaming is another.

4. "Maybe you should think twice about wearing a bikini at the beach."

Here's a reply: "Maybe I should think twice about our friendship." Seriously though. The beach shouldn't be a place to just show off one's body or to be ashamed of it and feel self-conscious. It's about being comfortable and having fun with family or friends, enjoying the sun, the breeze, the sand, the sea. Anyone who ruins that will just be a pain or burden to be with. Also, a good friend should help build your confidence, not ruin it!


5. "You'd look better with less fat."

"Thanks for saying your opinion when I didn't ask for it! :) :) :)"

6. "You're pretty for a fat girl."

Dafuq is that supposed to mean?! What does facial beauty have to do with your body? Here's what: Nothing!

7. "Oh, this dress flatters an apple/pear shape!"

Yeah, and that dress is so out of style and is the type to make you look old or like you're hiding your body from the world. What's up with that?

8. "Oh, this black top is perf for you. It's slimming!"

It's also getting too hot here in the Philippines to be wearing black every single day. Slim nga pero pawis na pawis? No, thank you.

9. "You should try slimming down so guys will want to date you."

Whoever tells you this should know that guys who don't want to date you because you're fat or your thighs are big or dimpled aren't the guys you'd want to be with for the rest of your life, until you're old and gray. Thank goodness that there are boys who are into really curvy women, and those who don't even mind appearances so much. May the world have more of the last one!


10. "Parang tumataba ka ulit."

WHY DO PEOPLE SAY THIS?! What do they want to happen? Ugh.

11. "You don't look healthy."

Sometimes people are quick to judge, and the basis for their judgments isn't always right. You may not "look healthy" because you're not lean or thin (a flawed thought in itself), but health isn't about looks. It's about your body functioning well and having no signs of diseasesand yes, a fat person can be metabolically healthy, without an increased risk of chronic diseases.

12. "Strong is the new sexy, and you don't look strong. You don't have muscles!"

Silly. Of course you have muscles. That's why you can move! And you don't have to be rippedto have biceps, triceps, abs, and all that stuffto be strong. Frequent exercise, along with a nutrient-rich diet and enough sleep, is enough!

Agree, strength is sexy. But let's not forget strength comes in various forms too. There's the physical strength, and there's emotional strength and mental toughness too. That said, in life, it's really not all about how a person looks. Didn't people learn that what's essential is invisible to the eye?


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