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13 Signs Your Girl BFF Is The Only Relevant Person In Your Life

She is on speed dial, because it's her job to take you home when you are too drunk to drive.

1. She was there for all your Big Girl firsts.
That time when everyone in your high school class had their periods, and you still didn't have yours was a big deal when you were 15 years old. When you finally got it, she was the first person you called on landline, screaming, "Meron na rin ako! I am so cool! That took a while, but who cares! I AM A WOMAN!"

2. A Big Girl first included breaking up with your boyfriend.
Your BFF was also the first person you called when you broke up with your ex. TBH, she found out you were going to break up with your ex, before you actually broke up with your ex.

3. You picked a college based on where she was going.
And even if you didn't end up in the same schools, you'd take the MRT to visit her in Manila, even if you studied in Quezon City. The MRT is a sweaty, hot place, where a million people are cramped in a space made for 10 people. You would ride that MRT just to see her every week, because that is the kind of friendship you have.

4. You've asked her to do stupid things for you.
"Can you call me right now and pretend that there's, like, an emergency? IDK, make something up! I cannot stare at this Excel sheet any longer."

5. Hence, you have drunk called or texted her.
"I'm atttt Plantation and gesss hus heree ohmygodddd hjkfshdjihy83724121!!!! I dunt tink Im over heem. love yuuu byeee."

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6. All your boyfriends were screened by her.
She thinks the world of you, and has made it her mission to keep your life drama-free by sitting down with all potential boyfriends. You complain she's too picky about the guys you date, but the truth is, she just thinks you're too awesome for any creep. So you know when she finally likes a guy for YOU, he's a keeper. <3 

7. She has saved you from The Worst First Date Ever. 
Lots of times. "On a date right now, and this guy has the IQ of a teaspoon. Can you text me because I can't deal with awkward silence right now. We have NOTHING in common."

8. She will pull all the stops for you.
Sure, your boyfriend will be happy for you when you get promoted at work, but Mea will surprise you with balloons and a cake and a banner that says, "LIKE A BOSS, BITCH!"

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9. She is on speed dial.
See #4. 

10. Weekly dinners are non-negotiable.
You already sent her a long text message detailing your relationship problems, but you HAVE to set a date with her soon, so you can tell the same story again IRL. And bonus, you get a hug! You honestly believe she is the only human who can make sense of your life.

11. You've left your date in the middle of dinner, because of her.
"Heeeeey, I'm sorry, but my best friend is stuck inside a bathroom stall in Makati because she's too drunk to open it and I have to go and pick her up, but I had fun with you. Yeah, some other time then?"

12. Even your boyfriend knows that she is more important than he is.
"Heeeeeeyyy, sorry, we have to pick up Mea, because I am afraid she is dead in a ditch somewhere."

13. She isn't just your best friend, she's your sister.
She has seen you at your best, at your worst, at your most naked-est, at your drunkest—and she loves you, flaws and all. 

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