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13 Struggles Only Baby-Faced Women Understand

You're never the sexy one.

1. You’re still mistaken for a minor. You can’t watch R18 (or worse, PG13) movies, get in a club, and buy a drink without being asked for your I.D. And when your I.D. is checked, you get a look of doubt or disbelief that you’re actually 25, like you faked your identity.

2. You’re always described as “cute,” and never “sexy.” Sex appeal is but a dream.

3. When you do try to be sexy, you look like you’re trying too hard. Or a baby prostitute. In other words, disgusting and just so wrong.

4. Corporate wear doesn’t look good on you. You look like you raided your mother’s closet and you’re playing dress-up. Everything’s just out of place—oh wait, that’s just your face. Ugh.

5. Wearing makeup looks like you’re trying to be grown-up. And people think you’re too young for it. They all got it wrong! Do they even know how long your beauty regimen takes?!


6. People will think your boyfriend is a pedophile or a kidnapper. You kind of want to tell people to stop staring at you and your guy, or to take a picture so it’ll last longer. You’re holding his hand because you WANT to, not because he coerced you into it by aiming a knife at your back. Jeez!

7. You’re expected to be the sweet little girl. You get haters for partying, smoking, and drinking. Your parents think you’re too young to reason with them or too young to even have a boyfriend. (The expectations are just making you wanna go wilder than you already are.)

8. People boss you around more easily. They think you lack experience or are clueless. HAVE THEY SEEN YOUR RÉSUMÉ?

9. People think nothing offends you. Just because you look like a kid, doesn’t mean you’re naive like one. You can pick up an insult from a mile away! And you’re up to date on the news like a smart and responsible citizen should be!

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10. People dont take you seriously. Aren’t you so cute when you’re mad?!

11. Servers don’t listen to you. That moment when the waiter only looks at your parents, and you tell him what you want to eat, and he’s still waiting for your parents to say what you’re eating and drinking, instead of writing down your order. Greeeaaaaat.

12. Being hit on by teenage boys. They’re at that stage when they’re acting like they’re cool, thinking youll fall for them. You see right through them and know some of them are pretty douche-y, they’re gross.

13. Being told you’re lucky that you’ll look young in your 40s or 50s. Ten or twenty more years of this foolery?! No more, please. And what about the rest of your young life, the present??

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