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13 Struggles Only Women With A Resting Bitch Face Understand

"Galit ka ba?"

1. People think you’re always having a bad day. But you’re really just...going through the day like anybody else.

2. People think you hate the world. Okay, so you might hate the world sometimes because it can be messed up. But you’re not trying to send the message that you do! Besides, life can be pretty awesome, too.

3. People think nothing makes you happy. That’s not true! You like flowers and getting your paycheck and kids! You’re also drawn to mundane things like that wafting cigarette smoke even if you don’t smoke. You’re not hating on the smoker, at least not at the moment.

4. People ask you often if you’re okay. The concern is sweet, but it’s tiring to keep saying you’re fine and people still don’t believe you.

5. People tell you to smile more. You just wanna be like, “Hey, you don’t find me telling you what to do with your face! SO SHUT UP.”

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6. People think you’re judging them. It can be a good thing, to make people doubt themselves or think about what they just said. But you’re labeled as the mean one at once. How about “quick-witted” or just...listening?

7. People don’t know when you’re serious, joking, or sarcastic. You’re pretty funny and you make people laugh their socks off. But after they laugh, you’re asked if you were joking. Which beats the purpose of a joke most of the time.

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8. People are scared of you, so they don’t want to approach you. They’re afraid you’ll lash out on them the moment they utter a syllable. Where’d that come from?? You’ll drop anything and make time for anybody who needs to vent!

9. People think you’re impolite because you don’t smile, even if you said please and thank you in a sing-song voice. The face isn’t cooperating!! Just leave it alone, okay?

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10. You have to make yourself act extra perky to make a good impression. People just don’t know how tiring it is to pretend to be someone you’re not. And they don’t know the pain you feel on your cheeks right now from smiling too big too long—yup, your cheeks are shaking and twitching. You’re looking good. Not.

11. People think you’re bossy or suplada when you give instructions. You might have to say eve-ry word care-ful-ly, like so. Which sucks ’cos who’s going to take you seriously now?

12. When you are angry or sad, people think it’s nothing new, so they don’t care. That’s not fair. You’re not always angry or sad. You really need some people to empathize right now. :(

13. You’re actually the one being judged. So much for people thinking you’re judging them. They’re actually the ones judging you! Guess the joke’s on you?

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