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13 Times You Were Plastic And It Was Okay

When you had no idea what you were doing but acted like you were a pro...professional bolero.

People say everyone should "keep things real," and they call those who don't "fake," "posers," "two-faced," or "plastic." But being "fake" isn't always a bad thingevery adult knows that there are moments when expressing one's true feelings and unfiltering one's words and emotions isn't wise at all, and the wise move is to actually put on a facade, a polite one, that other people would like to see. We're pretty sure you've done that. Here are the times you were plastic and it was so totally okay.

1. That time you were working with someone you didn't like. You had to set your negativity aside and just be on work mode because you're professional and you don't want bad blood affecting the entire team and the final output. There's more to life than disliking someone for whatever reason.

2. When you were having a bad day and you didn't want anyone to worry about you. You wanted to be left alone with your issues. Or at least you didn't want to share them with people who aren't your close friends: you didn't want to burden someone and compel just anyone to make you feel better. Crying your eyes out is usually done behind closed doors.

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3. During reunions with relatives you don't like. Not only did you have to pretend you were happy to see them, you also had to engage in conversations as if you guys were long lost friends. Oh right, you also had to pretend you know the names of your distant titos and titas so you won't make things awkward for anybody. Ah, family duties.

4. When you had to look happy after opening someone's gift to you that you didn't like. How could you not fake happiness when that person spent time and money to give you something she thought you'd love? You'd break her heart if you gave the impression that you found the gift crappy. You'd actually have nothing to gain if you were 100 percent honest, and you'd just have a friend to lose if you were.

5. When you had to look and sound calm and strong so that people wouldn't panic. If you're the boss, a flight attendant, or in a similar position of authority, you couldn't just show you're worried, afraid, and vulnerable. If you did, you would've made people think that something is so messed up that it's beyond fixing, and they would've panicked. Not good! Someone always needs to be in control.

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6. When you had to be amicable with your partner's parents, no matter how much you don't get along with them. They're his parents, and no matter how many times he rants to you about them, he still loves and respects them. Don't make him pick between you or his parents, because that's just crazy and you might not like his choice.

7. That time you were tired AF but you had to be there for a friend at an ungodly hour and seem like she's not being a burden to you. That friend of yours was going through shit after a breakup and losing her job. She was down in the dumps and needed a friend (you) to assure her that everything was going to be okay. It's not right to be a selfish bitch and talk about how tired you are to your friend when she needs you the most.

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8. When you wanted to make your ex jealous and think that you're so much better off without him. Good thing you spotted him first so you could fix your hair and check your teeth! And good thing you're not alone to make him think you're miserable, even if you still are (especially after noticing his date). Seriously, who doesn't want to make one's ex jealous, right? And the girl he's seeing now?!

9. When someone's giving you shit and you have to look or sound like you're not affected. We all know that there are people who are out just to infuriate us; they simply enjoy doing it and seeing you feel small. They could also be doing it to taunt you to get violent and ruin yourself. But nope. When someone tries doing that to you, you do your best to sustain a poker face even if your heart is pounding like crazy.

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10. When someone is being introduced to you and you have to look like you're so happy to meet him. "Oh, it's so nice to meet you!" you say with a big smile. 

11. During presentations/reportings, and any other time you had to know what you were doing. #Throwback to high school and college days! Making bola was the thing. Now that you're working, you still do it when you have to. A part of you thinks you're not fooling anyone (and you can tell that your audience isn't impressed), but there are a few who take your word for gold. Whew!

12. When you have to smile for the camera. Not enjoying an outing so much? Or the family reunion? No one has any idea thanks to your killer smile and acting skills! You might be so good at it that your Facebook friends and Instagram followers, not knowing what goes on behind the scenes, envy your life and get depressed about theirs. Oops.

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13. Those times your outfit was killing you. The heels that were crushing your toes, the really, really tight pencil skirt that made walking nearly impossibleyou had to pretend you were busy texting or window shopping as you walked slowly. At least you look poised and elegant. Huhu. Sorry, legs. #MixedFeelings

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