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14 Best Things About Being An Aunt

Of course I'm going to buy him tiny, adorable sneakers even though he can't walk yet.

1. You can buy completely impractical items.
Sippy cups and educational toys are for moms and dads to buy. You get to buy your nephew a hat with lobster claws sticking out of it and teeny, tiny sneakers even though he can't walk yet. So cool!

2. Random acts of love.
When you come over, they'll just give you hugs and snuggle you. If your brother leaves his phone out, you get a FaceTime of your nephews singing "You Are My Sunshine" to you.

3. You get to make your sister's day all the time.
Whether you offer to take your niece for a day or an hour, she will be forever grateful for the non-child time. 

4. You get to spoil them.
What is your disposable income for if not buying that cute little face everything he asks for?

5. You get to buy the annoying toys without dealing with the consequences.
Your niece really wants that light up toy that makes 75 different sounds for her birthday? No problem! Your nephew wants a drum set? Here you go! I don't live here!


6. The crying doesn't really bother you.
Unlike a screaming baby on a plane, you actually know and love this baby and will soothe him no matter how long it takes. Since you don't have to listen to the crying constantly, it doesn't really grate on you either.

7. You get to do kid stuff again and not look like a creep.
Why did you ever stop going on the swings? This is awesome!

8. The pressure to have kids comes off you a little.
Now that your parents have a grandchild, they're harping on you less about giving them one—at least for a few months.

9. At least one person thinks you are the coolest.
And nothing can convince them otherwise.

10. You can push your own agenda on them, no matter what their parents' are.
Your brother is only buying your nieces pink toys? That's nice. You're getting them normal Barbie and gender-neutral Legos.

11. You get to see your family more.
You all want to be around those little nuggets all the time, which means you get more mom time too.

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12. You don't have to worry about the rules.
Fun Aunt Alie would love to eat ice cream in footie pajamas at 10 p.m.! 

13. You get all the rewarding moments and none of the frustrating ones when teaching them something.
Sure, your sister has been working on letters with your niece for weeks now, but you're the one who just taught her how to spell your name in an hour.

14. You get to give them back.
At the end of the day, you get to go home to your quiet, clean apartment full of choking hazards and sharp corners. Pass me my wine.

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