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14 Problems Only Women Who Cry All The Time Understand

Where's the no-cry zone? Nowhere. Zero places.

1. When people say, "Calm down," you hear, "Squash your feelings with a rolled-up newspaper like it's a gross fat water bug that surprised you in the shower." 

2. When men say, "Calm down," you are filled with a cloud of rage and want to throw things. 
Suddenly you are channeling Bette Davis in a black-and-white movie.

3. You can't really hold it in or "be cool" about stuff. 
Let's be honest, it was just never really an option. And why should it be?

4. Oh, right: Because you'll go through a phase of feeling overly self-conscious for being a "stereotypical" emotional woman… 
Which is incredibly silly and hopefully passes almost immediately.

5. …And this is often the result of trying to date men who are looking for a woman who is so chill she almost does not have a pulse. 
If he wants a different, less emotional sort of woman, he can go for it.


6. Being openly sensitive doesn't mean you're a weak person. 
It's just a reflex coping mechanism—it's no "weaker" than heading to the nearest bar and doing shots of bourbon alone.

7. You can't pick and choose when you cry. 
Maybe when a great aunt dies you'll be quietly, deeply sad inside and not shed a tear, but when a restaurant fucks up your tuna melt, you will sob uncontrollably.

8. You're going to cry in public. 
Would you, could you, in a house? Would you, could you, with a mouse? Would you, could you, on a train? Would you, could you, on a plane? Yes, you tragic Dr. Seuss creature, you will cry in all those places, with little woodland creatures, and more.

9. Your town will become a Google map of where you experienced intense emotions. 
"Oh, I love that bar! That's where I drunkenly cried over a urinal in the men's room."

10. The specific and hilarious flailing of men who cannot deal with your bursts of emotion. 
Shed one little tear and suddenly every straight dude around becomes an inarticulate, wildly gesticulating Charlie Chaplin.

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11. On the flip side, the supportiveness and caring of other women truly shines every time you lose your shit. 
From female strangers who comfort you in women's bathrooms to female coworkers who comfort you in women's bathrooms…uh, actually, most of this shine takes place in bathrooms.

12. You don't want people to watch what they say around you! 
You're not a fragile little flower.

13. But you also 
There's no harm in some people—especially boyfriends—having to be thoughtful around you, rather than simply producing copious word vomit.

14. Above all, contrary to popular opinion, being sensitive does not make you crazy. 
Get a goddamn neck tattoo of this if you need to. I support it.


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