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14 Struggles Of A Long Distance Friendship

Emoticon hugs and air high-fives all around.

At some point in your life, you may experience the real pain of living far away from your best friend. She could be doing a semester abroad, visiting relatives for the summer, or migrating to another country completely. And not having your perpetual homie within the same zip code can pose a serious problem to your emotional and mental health.

1. You basically have a very intimate relationship with your computer and phone.
And often tune out because of your SUPER important Whats App conversation. "Sending you photos from Spain, because guys here are hot AF. Wish u were here."

2. Your phone contains hundreds of weird photos from your best friend, and vice versa.
Breakfast photos, sneaky stalker photos of strangers, new haircuts, skirts you’re thinking of buying (because you wouldn’t buy a skirt without consulting your friends first right? Right.), and it goes on.

3. No one else shares the same weird food rituals as you.
Only she knows that you like eating pandesal with Milo powder.


4. You also end up passing on the gym since you don’t have your usual workout buddy to go with.
In fact there are days when you feel like you can’t function like a normal person without them at all.

5. The context of your conversations is affected by the time difference.
Although it’s more fun when you’re the drunk one and they’re about to go to work.

6. Arguing with them about the benefits of returning, over and over again.
Even though your reasons are mostly selfish because you just fucking miss them! "COME HOME NA PLS PLS PLS"

7. Walking around with your laptop like an idiot trying to find the best WiFi connection for your video call.
And when you finally find a good spot, you don’t let anyone mess with you.

8. The coldness of emoticon hugs and air high-fives.
YEAH! AWESOME! Uh, kinda.

9. When you are up at an odd hour for an overdue video chat, but you both end up missing each other completely thanks to a misunderstanding in timezone differences and daylight savings.
Wha…? Noooo! No. No. No. NO. No!

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10. When no one around you gets your references.
So you satisfy yourself by sharing the joke with your friend through chat later on.

11. When you realize that item of clothing missing from your closet is in another country when you see it pop up in a Facebook photo.
But it’s kind of okay because you have some of her stuff too. Mwahahahaha.

12. You’re always broke because you’re saving up to visit them.
And you’re constantly on the lookout for seat sales. Constantly. Like, Cebu Pacific is saved on your browser's bookmarks.

But there are also tons of great things about having a best friend in another country. You’ll always have a couch to crash on when you want to travel. You send each other cool shit that you can’t get in your own country but can get in each other’s. You learn patience and you value each other so much more.

13. And of course you’ll always come out stronger than ever.


14. And when you’re together again, you know it was all worth it.

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