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15 Reasons Alone Time Is The Best

Who needs friends when you’ve got YOU?

1. You can relaaax.

Without people eating up your time, you can just veg out at home, refuel, and be sufficiently energized to conquer the challenges ahead. #WinningInPajamas

2. You can get creative.

With no one around to limit your actions, you can take up creative pursuits you’ve always wanted to try. Write a short story, take up photography, or paint a portrait of Chris Hemsworth, if that’s your thing! Sometimes, the best ideas hit you when you’re alone.

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3. You can think more clearly.

Alone time gives you a welcome break from the noise of other people’s voices and lets you listen to the most important voice in your life: YOURS.

4. You’re more grateful when you have time to reflect on your life.

Everything’s so fast-paced that there’s barely enough time to slow down and appreciate what you have. With some quiet time, you can take a step back, count your blessings, and feel totes better.

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5. You notice the little things when there are no distractions.

Look how blue the sky is! And how fantastic is this sunlight hitting my skin? And EDSA traffic? Wonderful! (No, wait—STILL BAD.)

6. You don't have to consider others' feelings or opinions when making a decision.

Sans barkada, you alone get to choose where to eat, what movie to watch, or where to vacay. And you can take as long as you like scouring the racks at H&M without an impatient boyfriend tapping his foot in a corner.

7. You can do whatever the hell you want without anyone judging you.

Go sing at the top of your lungs to a One Direction song, pop a cheesy Pinoy romcom in the DVD player, maybe even fish a wedgie that’s been bothering you from out of your butt. #NOSHAME

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8. You can wear whatever or look however you want.

At home all by your lonesome, you can go braless underneath a T-shirt you’ve had since high school, which is basically LIVING THE LIFE.

9. You can focus on your own pleasure.

And by “own pleasure,” we mean this.

10. You can get away from other people’s drama.

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You love gossip and rants just as much as the next girl, but some of that shit just drags you down. When you fly solo, you don't have to pretend to care whether or not Monica was a total bitch for that thing she did to Kara. Nega vibes, be gone!

11. You can make new friends.

You’ll be more open to meeting new folks and you’ll look more approachable to strangers without a gaggle of girlfriends circling you. Go get your flirt on with that cutie in the gym class you joined solo!

12. You become more independent.
Try traveling alone so you can find out what you're capable of. You’ll be surprised to discover that you can actually navigate your way through a strange new place and even—gasp!—trust total strangers.

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13. You understand yourself better.

Your family, friends, and loved ones all influence your thoughts and actions in one way or another. When you go at it alone, you get a clearer grasp of your goals, passions, aspirations, and motivations. Yay for self-awareness!

14. When you know yourself better and can be happy on your own, you'll like yourself better.


15. Once you come out of hibernation, you'll be pumped to hang with your friends and loved ones again.

Trust us, once you’ve quenched your thirst for some “me time,” you'll so want to get an update on that thing Monica did to Kara. (THAT BITCH.)

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