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15 Struggles Of Girls Who Don't Like Going Out


1. People think you’re a killjoy because you don’t ever go out.

But you know you’re not. Being around a lot of people in the club or in a bar just isn’t your thing. Watching TV at home or reading a book in bed is fun you know!

2. You get FOMO too though.

When you see your Instagram feed full of photos from your friends' ~*fun weekend*~, you *kind of* regret not joining them. But when you remember how happy you were taking a three-hour nap on Saturday, you no longer regret anything!

3. In the rare times that your friends were able to convince you to go out and party, the whole night turns out to be all about you.

“Guys, shots on me because *your name* is here!!!” is something your best friend says when it happens.

“Oh! Andito ka?! Wala nang araw, girl.” is something members of your barkada ask you throughout the night.


4. Every time you get dragged to go out, you stand there awkwardly wishing that you had just stayed home.

You love your friends, but the whole party scene just doesn't appeal to you. *sigh*

5. When people invite you out, you automatically ask what time it will be.

Hard pass if it’s any time after 5 p.m. on a weeknight! Weekend brunch dates and wine nights AT HOME are very much welcome though.

6. You don’t understand why people like going to clubs or bars where you can’t have a decent conversation.

Because the music is just too freaking loud and the smoke from all the people with cigarettes makes you smell stinky.

7. When you go out, you enjoy the whole process of getting ready more than actually being out.

Nothing’s as fun as getting ready with your friends! You exchange makeup tips, do each other’s hair, veto outfit combinations, and more! But then when it’s time to go out at such an ungodly hour—like 9 p.m.—you’d honestly much rather tuck yourself into bed.

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8. Your idea of a perfect Friday night is putting on your favorite face mask while watching Netflix.

If you’re feeling a little cheeky, you’ll pop open a bottle of wine!

9. People have stopped inviting you out, because they’re sure you’ll never say yes anyway.

Your favorite excuses include:

"May sakit ako eh!"
"Sorry guys, flat pala 'yung tire ko."
"I'm grounded."
"My stomach's weird."
 "OMG! Kakagising ko lang! Raincheck?"

10. But this also means that you’re not as updated on the barkada chismis.

Because you’re never there when all the ~*juicy*~ things happen!

11. Whenever your friends make plans, you TRY to convince them to just hold it at someone’s house.

You’d offer your place if it were big enough for all of you!

12. You always get asked “how you meet people.”

Uhhhhh at the office? Common friends? Sa Starbucks?

13. You fear the day you fall in love with a guy who likes going out.


Will love be enough??? Will you have to endure nights out??? Will you become a lakwatsera???

14. You don’t own “going out” clothes that won’t make you look like you’re going to work.

Your jeans-and-heels-combo from 2006 is still acceptable, right?

15. Whenever someone asks you how your weekend was, you always say the same thing.

“Oh, not much. Literally stayed home the whole time.” #TeamBahay

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