16 Things Naturally Skinny Girls Are Tired Of Hearing

"Are you really THAT skinny?" Are you really this obnoxious?

1. “Do you eat?” I don’t think I’d be alive if I didn’t eat.

2. “You should eat more!” Please don’t tell me what to do; you’re not my doctor. I eat a lot, and FYI I eat more than you do.

3. “Do you skip meals?” No.

4. “OMG you’re eating!” Woohoo?! It’s lunchtime and I’m hungry.

5. “You finished a burger!” You seem to think this is an achievement for me. Why?!

6. “Where does it go?” To my stomach then out my butt?! Where else?!

7. “Are you really THAT skinny?” Are you really this obnoxious?

8. “It’s not fair you’re naturally skinny!” Why not? You got a body, I got a body, and our bodies look great.

9. All clothes look good on you. I DROWN in oversized clothes. A lot of things are so loose they don’t fit me well.

10. “Your body looks like it hasn’t developed yet.” Well the point is that it has.

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11. “Real women have curves.” A lot of women tell themselves this to make themselves feel better about not being skinny. First of all, no one has to “feel better” about not being skinny; she just has to “feel good” about herself, period. Second, the sentiment or attitude behind that line ostracizes or shames skinny women. Any form of body-shaming is WRONG.

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12. “Lucky for you, you don’t need to exercise or watch what you eat.We all need to do both if we want to be healthy!

13. “You don’t look healthy.” What does it mean to look healthy?! All I know is I have a balanced diet and I exercise. So if I look like this, then this must be what my healthy body looks like.

14. “You’d look better if you had more meat in your body.” You have your version of what looks good, and I have mine, too. Let’s live with those.

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15. “Guys like women with curves.” Here’s some Logic 101 for you: That doesn’t mean they can’t like skinny girls, too. And let’s say they ONLY like curvy women. Should that bother me? They can like what they like because they have that right. Also, looks aren’t everything. I wouldn’t be interested in a guy who only cares about those.

16. I’m worried I’ll break you if I hug you! Bones are a lot stronger than you think. And you’re not as strong as you think you are. No offense.

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