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16 Things To Let Go Of In 2016

Let it go, let it goooooooo. (You totally sang that one, didn't you?)

1. Let go of the awful memories you keep replaying in your head.
Those painful recollections of heartbreak and humiliation are just memories—they don’t exist in the now. Don’t give them the power to affect your present by continuing to give them prime space in your head.

2. Let go of your addictions.
And we’re not just talking about alcohol or drugs or Candy Crush here; it can be your addiction to your phone, social and emotional crutches you rely on, or any ugly habit you have that does you more harm than good.

3. Let go of the things that you hold on to just because.
Pictures of you and your ex, knickknacks gathering dust on your shelves, clothes that haven’t left their hangers since 2005, phone numbers of people you haven’t texted, much less seen, in years—ditch all that useless clutter and feel so much lighter.

4. Let go of the toxic people in your life. 
These include emotional vampires who drag you down with their drama, so-called friends who take advantage of you, and that guy who’s just not that into you. Really, who needs all that negativity? Not you.

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5. Let go of unkindness to your body.

You have only one body, so treat it right. Get enough rest, take care of your health, and eat as well as you can manage (without giving up pizza, because pizza is the best). And wear sunscreen.

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6. Let go of the thought that you're not beautiful or sexy enough.

Look at yourself naked in the mirror. Instead of zeroing in on that massive pimple or the cellulite on your thighs, admire your full lips, that lovely collarbone, the curve of your hips. Baby, you are SMOKIN’.

7. Let go of the comparisons you keep making to other people.
You are a beautiful, unique snowflake, so quit stalking your new boyfriend’s ex, your ex-boyfriend’s new girl, or any other girl you think is prettier/smarter/more successful/all-around better than you. (You know you do it.)

8. Let go of the constant desire for other people’s approval.
Stop caring so much what other people think—your worth is not measured by Facebook likes, Instagram hearts, or the opinions of randoms whom you’ve met, like, twice. Go do YOU, and be happy with that.

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9. Let go of your self-doubt.
Whether you’re facing an invitation to sing in a band or an opportunity to get the job you’ve always wanted, pay no mind to the excuses you make for yourself and the doubts that threaten to paralyze you, and dive into the task. You just might surprise yourself.

10. Let go of your regrets.
Your failures, the opportunities you missed, the things you should’ve done but didn’t? Newsflash: Until a time machine is invented, you can never go back in time to change them. Leave them in 2015 and move along.

11. Let go of your tendency to overanalyze.
You’ll never know all the answers to everything, so stop turning that one-word text over and over in your head, wondering what the hell it means. Maybe that’s all it really means: “K.”

12. Let go of the urge to blame.
This year, make like Steve Harvey and be the sort of person who chooses not to point fingers when the proverbial shit hits the fan. No one ever learned a damn thing from just passing the buck.

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13. Let go of the temptation to judge others.
As much fun as gossiping and digging up dirt on other people can be, it enriches no one and leaves you feeling kind of crappy afterwards just for taking part in it. So next time you find yourself about to whisper a mean comment about an acquaintance you don’t even know all that well, bite your tongue.

14. Let go of your need to be right or in control.
Sometimes it’s better to keep the peace than get in a full-blown argument just to prove you’re in the right. The resulting strained relationships are just not worth it.

15. Let go of your sense of entitlement.
Nobody is entitled to anything in this world, except maybe the likes of Prince George, who's going to be king someday. Just suck up your hardships and disappointments and trust that in time, all of it will be worth it.

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16. Let go of grudges.
Those grudges you’ve been nursing like fragile babies for months—even years—only weigh you down as you enter 2016. Who’s over them? You are, beginning today.

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