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17 Things Only Lakwatsera Girls Understand


1. Your social calendar is always full.

You’re pretty much booked for the rest of the year with the number of trips, dinners, movie dates, brunches, road trips, flights, hair appointments, clubbing nights, and wine nights you have planned out.

2. The people at home have stopped asking where you’re going.

Your parents used to ask one million questions before you stepped out of the house to go out. Those days are gone.

3. When you are at home, your family or roommates ask you why you're actually home.

Nag-away ba kayo ng boyfriend mo?”
Wala ka na bang friends?”
“May sakit ka ba?” 
"Bakit ka nasa bahay? May araw pa ah!" 

4. You’ve reached full BFF status with waiters, parking boys, and baristas at your favorite spots because you’re ALWAYS there.

You don’t even have to ask for the menu anymore. Once they see you sit down at your usual table, your drink just magically arrives.


5. People always ask you how you have energy to go out, even after a long day of work.

It’s a gift, tbh.  

6. You’ve known sketchy side street shortcuts even before Waze was a thing because of your usual adventures.

You’re out so much that traffic doesn’t even scare you anymore.  

7. You’ve considered starting a blog/Instagram account to document all the places you go to.

#Wanderlust #Travel #NightOut #GNO #Friends #MyAdventures #MeTime #DateNight

8. When your friends see one of your favorite hangout places, they automatically think you’re there.

And 9 out of 10 times, you are. LOL.

9. You always have extra emergency clothes, makeup, and toiletries with you.

In your office drawer, in your car, in your best friend’s house, in your boyfriend’s car—EVERYWHERE. You never know where your lakwatsa will take you.

10. Having zero plans for one night makes you feel uneasy.

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It’s not that you hate being home, but you’d much rather spend time in other places.

11. You don’t get super pissed when people cancel on you last minute, because you have a back-up plan anyway.

What? You have a lot of friends! Everyone wants to go out with you!

12. You have at least five different Viber/Whatsapp/Telegram/Facebook groups.

You have your North peeps, your South peeps, your high school barkada, your office friends, and the list goes on and on…

13. When you have downtime, you’re always looking at seat sales and travel deals on various sites.

Work hard, play hard, yeah?

14. People turn to you to ask for ~*fun things*~ to do, especially on weekdays.

Plano mo?” is a text you receive at 5 p.m. sharp daily.

15. You LIVE for road trips.

In fact,you have playlists for said occasions!

16. Sometimes, your family plans celebrations around your schedule.


But you’re more than willing to cancel your own lakad if it means spending more time with them!

17. In the rare times that you spend time at home—whether by choice or not—you realize that it’s actually not THAT bad.

The food’s free, your bed is comfy AF, and you’re with the people you love most. Pwede na!

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