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18 Ways You're Turning Into Your Mom


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1. You're becoming more and more forgetful.

You suck at recalling dates and names. You've found yourself saying "What's the name of that guy in 500 Days of Summer again? I know there's a J there. Jason? Joe?"

2. You're becoming more judgmental.

That guy right there at the corner of the restaurant wearing a cap, a loose shirt, and has a sleeve tattoo? The sight of him now makes you uncomfortable. You think of leaving the restaurant or you just watch over your things more carefully.


3. You have a drug store in your bag.

Your medicine kit is complete with lozenges and pills for diarrhea, indigestion, nausea, headaches, and allergies. And you also have ointments to keep mosquitoes away or to alleviate the itchiness of a bite.

4. You don't leave the house without a shawl or cardigan to keep you warm.

You never know how cold it'll get in the mall and at night! You also have a mini umbrella in your bag just in case it rains.

5. You say "Sabi ko sa 'yo eh," or "I told you so," "Because I said so," "Kids these days," "You'll understand when you get older," and "You should have _____."

You HATED all these lines when you were growing up, but now you say them to your friends, your younger relatives, even to your boyfriend. You don't always like it when you say it and you know you sound annoying, but you feel like it's hard not to. You feel like you have so much ~*wisdom.*~

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6. You get the toiletries in hotels and packs of sugar and a bunch of toothpicks in restaurants.

They were there for you to use anyway, and they're free!

7. You don't understand social media linggo these days.

You've found yourself asking a friend or Googling "What does 'Netflix and chill' mean?"

8. You can't find your way through new apps or social media platforms.

"WHAT DO ALL THESE ICONS ON SNAPCHAT MEAN?!" And you're just too impatient to learn it yourself; you don't have time for that. (You kind of wish you had your own kids to pester. LOL.)

9. You accidentally like a Facebook post.

Woops, now there's no turning back!

10. You don't want anyone wasting food.

Food is a blessing! People should be more grateful, you think.

11. You sleep early.

For you, 10 p.m. is already late. Your bedtime is now 8 or 9 p.m. And other people get home at 2 a.m.?! That's crazy!


12. You hate mess.

And you hate having to clean up after people, like throwing your boyfriend's potato chip wrapper because it was just lying on the kitchen counter.

13. You're shocked by the way kids date and dress up these days.

So much skin and sex! (As if you didn't have raging hormones at 18.)

14. Telling your friends and your boyfriend: "Text me when you get home."

You got this from your protective mom who wants updates on where you are and what you're doing just to make sure you're alive and safe. And that rubbed off on you because you realized that shit can happen to people, and that fact makes you worry.

15. Looking back on your crazy younger self and thinking you wouldn't change anything your mom had done.

And if you had a kid that was so much like you, you'd probably parent her the way your mom parented you too. This just makes you respect all the struggles your mom had to put up with because you were an angry teen who thought no one understood her and wanted to break all the rules.


16. You're protective of the ones you love.

You will hate anyone who insults or takes advantage of your family, friends, and boyfriend, and you will give that person a piece of your mind. No one messes with them without getting through you first. 

17. Believing you're always right.

Well, you are! LOL. Okay, so this isn't a good thing and you know it. But it does apply to you now. You think you've learned all there is to learn in your 20s and you can now give good advice to younger people, tell them what to do, or if you're more extreme, to make all their decisions for them.

18. You want the best for the people you love most.

You and your actions in #17 can be misunderstood and lead to arguments, which is expected if you are being controlling. But whether or not you are controlling or chill, you want your loved ones to make the right calls. How could you not want the best for the people you deeply care about?


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