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20 Signs You Went To An All-Girls School

The mere sight of boys on school grounds was exciting.

1. You still think twice before buying colored hairclips and ties.

School regulation kept your choice of hair accessories very limited to four colors: black, navy, white, and brown. Do you know how hard it was to stay away from butterfly clips when Jolina Magdangal and Lizzie McGuire made it look so, SO cool?

2. You totally know what the words “chimis,” “kamison,” “halfslip,” and “pantylet” mean.

You—okay, maybe your mom or yaya—made a chimis for Home Eco, remember? And you still have nightmares of being terrified of surprise undergarment checkups.

3. You remember making weird and “useless” projects.

I once made a Japanese lamp for school. I had to use sandpaper to smooth out the wood and varnish and paint it. I even remember doing a bit of electrical work on it. The struggle was VERY real.

I also have crochet, cross-stitch, arnis, and “recorder playing” in my arsenal of secret talents.


4. You’ve worn ankle socks with your uniform even though it wasn’t allowed.

Because #rebel.

5. You knew that there was an unspoken rule about where you sat at the cafeteria.

That scene in Mean Girls where they had a map of where everyone sat at lunch? Totally true. And if younger girls stole your table, you knew trouble was coming.

6. Soirées with an all-boys school were THE coolest and most important events of high school.

But no one’s allowed to tell the teacher that you’re meeting with Ateneo boys next week at Anna’s house, okay?

7. Prom was a defining moment in your life.

Your super strict mom finally let you get a manicure—just a French tip, of course. You had the guts to ask out this Super Cute Guy you’ve had a crush on since forever.

But you may have also over-fantasized about prom, leaving you a bit disappointed. Instead of the ~*magical*~ prom night you had in your head, you actually just slow danced awkwardly with your date with members of the PTA reminding you to “Leave space for the Holy Spirit.”

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8. You know what another important event was? School fairs.

It was one of the very few days you got to wear ~*normal clothes*~ (following a strict dress code, of course) to school. The cool girls had their boylets with them, while some were just excited about staying in school so late. If we had Instagram back in high school, it would be filled with photos of #Chucks and #Nachos and #Teazers.

9. The mere sight of males on school grounds was exciting.

Kahit hindi guwapo.

10. Intrams brought out the best and worst in people.

And the non-cheerdancers got to fulfill their dreams of being cheerdancers even just for a few days. And who knew your quiet classmate Maria was insanely competitive? Wow, girl!

11. Field trips were the best.

I went to a school where field trips meant climbing mountains and swimming in waterfalls, which I thought was pretty cool. But field trips also meant bringing junk food and popping open your soda can before praying the rosary.


12. You have memories of shamelessly standing up in class and asking “SINO MAY NAPKIN?”

And someone will always come to the rescue. Plus, every time you stand up, you’ll ask your seatmate: “May tagos ba?” And if you’ve reached THAT level of friendship, she’ll say: “Meron, heart shaped.” And you know it’s all good.

13. Valentine’s Day meant boys, still in their school uniforms, lining up outside the school gate with bouquets and teddy bears.

And you were single then, so you super hated it. Whatever. #Bitter

14. You never bothered to fix up before going to school.

Oh please, #IWokeUpLikeThis was cool even before Beyonce sang about it. Makeup wasn’t allowed anyway, so why bother?

15. ~*DrAmA*~ was everywhere.

Oh, so Sandra is dating Gianna’s ex now? What a bitch! And what do you mean Jill didn’t pick you to be partners for that English project? Who does she think she is? I hate her!


With the amount of drama you had to deal with growing up, office drama doesn't even faze you anymore.

16. Your aspirations in life included: getting into a good university and landing on the cover of Candy magazine.

Because that would just be so cool. Raise your hand if you wanted to be part of Candy’s Council of Cool!

17. ~*SeX*~ talk with your friends was normal and cool.

Vow of chastity ‘til the right guy comes along, okay? Because #TrueLoveWaits. Sex Ed class, on the other hand, was awkward and plain weird.

18. At one point, everyone was convincing you to become a nun.

But you knew in your heart of hearts that you wanted children. And that maybe holy life wasn’t really for you.

19. The first few months of college was really weird, because there were just SO. MANY. GUYS.

And your privilege of dressing up in the classroom without care is gone.


20. Finally, even if you spent almost half of your life living with crazy rules and regulations, you’re really thankful your parents sent you to an all-girls school.

Because the best people in your life right now are the girl friends you made throughout grade school and high school. You were consistently told that high school was the time to look for your bridesmaids and not your groom, and you took this to heart. Your best girl friends have seen you at your best and worst and still stuck with you.

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