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2017 Planners For Every Cosmo Girl

There’s one guaranteed to suit your personality.

The planner mania has officially begun. Your favorite coffee shops have started their sticker-collecting promos, while bookstores have dedicated a specific section just for planners. Out of the dozens out there, which one should you spend your entire 2017 with? Allow us to help you find “the one,” CGs.

1. For The Ambitious

Our suggestion: Everything Is Possible

Price: P598
Why you should get it: Aside from the vertical weekly pages where you can jot down your busy itinerary, there are pages dedicated to fulfilling your dreams, such as the vision board, timeline of goals, priority list, life achievements, and positive reinforcements.
Where to buy: National Bookstore, Powerbooks, Fully Booked, and online at

2. For The College Girl (Or College Girl At Heart)

Our suggestion: Belle De Jour Power Planner

Price: P540 to P615 (choose from three designs)
Why you should get it: If “girl power” is your mantra and you treat your planner like your bestie, then the BDJ Planner is for you. There are fun interactive pages that cover everything from fashion to beauty, health to career. And of course, there are freebies such as the #PerksOfABella coupon booklet, sticker sheets, and a magnetic bookmark.
Where to buy: National Bookstore, Powerbooks, Fully Booked, and online at

3. For The Doodler

Our suggestion: Keepsake Planner

Price: P545 (without sleeve) or P645 (with sleeve)
Why you should get it: It’s a combination of a journal and a planner, with plenty of space for your doodles and scribbles. There are monthly inspirational quotes drawn by calligrapher Drew Europeo of Calligrafikas. The weekly spreads are also undated, so that means you can use it any time.
Where to buy: Online at

4. For The Minimalist

Our suggestion: Muji Planner

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Price: P275 to P795
Why you should get it: It’s simple, uncluttered, and the pages are made of recycled paper. There are different sizes available and various planner styles to choose from—monthly, weekly, vertical, and horizontal.
Where to buy: Click here for a list of Muji stores.

5. For The Coffee Addict

Our suggestion: Starbucks Planner

Price: Collect 18 stickers (nine holiday beverages and nine Starbucks core handcrafted beverages) or spend a single receipt of P7,000
Why you should get it: Starbucks finally upped their game by releasing more artsy designs. Choose from two—a coffee stained cover and a gold-stained aqua ombré cover. Both designs come with a free pouch, stickers, magnetic bookmark, erasable pen, and of course, Starbucks coupons.
Where to get it: Click here for a store locator.

6. For The Charitable

Our suggestion: Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s Giving Journal

Price: Get 12 stamps (click here for a list of qualified drinks) on your CBTL card
Why you should get it: Each month features a sketch representing the various commitments of CBTL. The planner highlights the advocacies of their partner organizations, in hopes that it will inspire you to make a difference in the community.
Where to get it: Click here for a store locator.

7. For The OC List Taker

Our suggestion: The List Planner

Price: P1,699 or P1,999 (if personalized)
Why you should get it: Does ticking off boxes on your to-do list give you a warm, fuzzy feeling? Instead of having dozens of post-it notes all over your desk, just purchase one planner that will allow you to live your day-by-day life in lists. It comes in four colors—classic Dijon, elegant Navajo, sexy fuchsia, and pretty in pink.
Where to buy: Online at

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8. For The Traveler

Our suggestion: Navi, Your Life Navigator

Price: P598
Why you should get it: The hardbound cover features a world map to ignite that wanderlust feeling year-long. Aside from the horizontal weekly and note pages, there are pages dedicated to helping you plan your trips, such as a pre-trip checklist, goals list, bucket list, and suggested monthly destinations. There’s also a free booklet of shopping and discount coupons worth P25,000.
Where to buy: National Bookstore, Powerbooks, Fully Booked, and online at

9. For The Crafter

Our suggestion: Design Your Life Planner

Price: P595
Why you should get it: If scrapbooking is your ultimate hobby, this planner allows you to add personal touches like photos and other crafts. But it’s not all fun and games, as there are serious pages like expense trackers, travel checklists, and to-do lists.
Where to buy: Online at

10. For The Poet

Our suggestion: Paulo Coelho Friendship Day Planner

Price: P595
Why you should get it: If Paulo Coelho is your hugot spirit animal, then begin each day of 2017 with an inspiring quote from some of his most celebrated works, before filling up this colorful planner with your tasks, travel tidbits, and personal journeys.
Where to buy: National Bookstore and Fully Booked

11. For The Artsy

Our suggestion: The Good Vibes Planner

Price: P390
Why you should get it: The three-ring binder has detachable pages that you’re free to doodle and scribble on as you please. The monthly dividers feature artworks from 12 young Filipino artists tapped by Moonleaf Tea Shop. The hardbound cover has a cup-shaped perforation, so you’re free to place your drawings right under it for a touch of art.
Where to buy: Click here for Moonleaf Tea Shop branches

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12. For The Pop Culture Geek

Our suggestion: Moleskine Limited Edition Planners

Price: P1,270 to P1,545 (depending on the size)
Why you should get it: You can get your favorite characters—such as The Peanuts Gang, Batman, and The Little Prince—on the cover of your 2017 planner. Too bad the other characters (such as The Simpsons, Harry Potter, and Alice In Wonderland) come only in notebook form.
Where to buy: National Bookstore, Fully Booked, and Powerbooks

13. For The Whimsical

Our suggestion: TeNeues Magneto Diary

Price: P499 (small) or P740 (large)
Why you should get it: There are so many colorful cover designs to choose from, ranging from nature- to travel-inspired. The materials, like those used for the hardbound-cover, magnetic flap lock, and glossy inner pages, are all sturdy.

14. For The Fashionista

Our suggestion: Sunnies Agenda

Price: P199 when you buy two pairs of sunglasses
Why you should get it: It’s like the lovechild of our favorite lifestyle magazine and coffee table book. The artsy, fashionable pages will inspire you to curate your best year yet! It comes in two cover shades—hushed blue and flamingo pink.
Where to buy: Click here for a list of Sunnies branches

15. For The Animal Lover

Our suggestion: Daycraft Animal Pals Diary

Price: P595
Why you should get it: On the outside, it’s so cute! Just choose from the animal covers (Husky, panda, bear, pig, and tiger). On the inside, it has useful pages like monthly and weekly spreads, plus a list of international holidays for 2017.
Where to buy: Scribe Writing Essentials. Click here for a list of branches.

16. For The Interior Designer

Our suggestion: Community Journal

Price: P1,299
Why you should get it: Because you want something that looks as stunning as your furniture. This hardbound planner features weekly pages, graphed pages, and blank pages—all waiting for your ideas to hit.
Where to buy: Heima Store. Click here for a list of branches. Also available online at Community Store.

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17. For The Budgetarian

Our suggestion: Papemelroti Pocket Planner

Price: P20
Why you should get it: The price, hello! You’re not the type who would buy 18 cups of coffee just to get a fancy planner. Your only purpose for having a planner is to keep track of the calendar and to jot down important birthdays and celebrations. This 20-peso lightweight planner is enough for you.
Where to buy: Click here for a list of Papemelroti branches.

18. For The Procrastinator

Our suggestion: Focus Journal

Price: P450
Why you should get it: You’re always putting things off, and you want to finally get things done. Power words such as “dedication” and “vision” are illustrated on the monthly dividers to hopefully keep you focused. There’s also a monthly check-up page and year-end workbook to make sure you’re mindful of your goals.
Where to buy: National Bookstore, Powerbooks, Fully Booked, and online at

19. For The Witty Student

Our suggestion: Eskwelahan Planner

Price: P400
Why you should get it: Your humor is very Filipino (Push mo lang yan, bes!). You and your friends subscribe to hugot-filled Facebook pages, and you can’t stop reposting funny memes. This entertaining planner may just be the perfect companion to those boring classes. Just don’t let your prof catch you LOL-ing!
Where to buy: Online at

20. For The Cool Girl

Our suggestion: Typo Planner

Price: P799 to P1,199
Why you should get it: While the inside pages are just like the other usual planners, it’s the unique cover design that you’re paying for. A unicorn-inspired planner cover with a holographic belt? Yes, please!
Where to buy: Typo Trinoma, BGC High Street, and Uptown Place Mall

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