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3 Ways To Care For Your Shoes

But first, you need some baking soda.

Shoes are made for walking, but when they're not on your feet, you should give them a little tender loving care. Let these helpful tips guide you.

Store frequently used shoes on an open rack by the front door.

Shoes get to "breathe" after being worn all day, lessening the chance of mold growth. Stashing your shoes by the door and changing into slippers there means you also leave behind the dirt that would otherwise contaminate your home.

Use plastic shoe tubs.

This will help you identify the shoes easily when stacked inside your closet. These containers are also sturdier, so even if your piles get out of control, none of your shoes get crushed.

Use baking soda.

A sprinkle of baking soda inside stinky rubber shoes will help get rid of that post-workout odor. For a less messy method, put the white powder in tiny pouches made of scraps of cotton fabric and ribbon that you can neatly slip in and out of your sneakers.

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