3 Ways To Rise Above A Sticky Situation

From work blunders to social faux pas, there's really no way you can avoid life's little mishaps. Here's how to keep your cool when something completely unexpected happens.

1. Put up a good front.

So, your dress got snagged on your way to work. People aren’t going to form impressions solely on your faux pas. It’s the way you present yourself overall that they’ll pay attention to. “Your skin, your makeup, your hair, the way you sit, the way you stand—these are the priming coat, the background upon which all other qualities are imposed,” says Emery I. Gondor, co-author of Better Than Beauty: A Guide To Charm.

2. Keep your cool.

You won’t resolve anything by buckling down under uncomfortable situations. Instead, practice grace under pressure and keep your composure. “Grace is difficult to define, but we know it when we see it. It’s a habit of mind that prizes calm and self-assurance over impulsiveness,” explains Noelle Cleary, co-author of The Art And Power Of Being A Lady. You’ll be able to assess situations better with a clear head and a steady composure.  

3. See it from another POV.

If the sitch you’re in involves other people, you’ll know what’s better for the majority if you put yourself in their shoes. “While the stress and pressure of daily life make it seem hard to accomplish more than the task at hand, by stopping to think of others, a lady maintains perspective,” notes Cleary. By being just a little bit selfless, you’ll be able to make more informed decisions and earn the respect of your peers.

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