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4 Things You Should Do Before Making A Tough Decision

Need to make a life-changing move before the year ends? Consider these Cosmo tips before you take the plunge.

“When something bad happens, you need to take action to recover,” says life coach Christine Hassler, who offers the following tips to help you strengthen your coping skills.

Make Every Decision Solo

Don’t ask for help for a week—with work dilemmas or choosing an entrée at dinner—to get in touch with your ability to be decisive.

Take A Trip Alone

Even if it’s just two towns away, get away for the weekend. You’ll be out of your comfort zone and in full-time decision-making mode.

Decide For Right Now

Dump the what-if mentality—not every choice has a domino effect far into the future, so try to stay in the present.

Get Out Of Your Head...

And into your body. You make better decisions if you’re intuitive. So listen to your physical signals to access your gut.

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