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4 Ways You Can Personalize Your Workspace

Mark your office territory with these subtle changes that will inspire you while you work.

You spend majority of your day at the office, so why not settle in and make yourself comfortable? If work is starting to feel like a chore, a subtle cubicle makeover could help motivate you to do your job. Here are four things you can do to own your workspace:

1. Get the glow.

Great lighting is key to a soothing work environment. If there are fluorescent lights above you, ask maintenance to unscrew one of the bulbs so they're not so glaring. Or, bring your own mini lamp to light up your keyboard.

2. Think cozy.

Get a cute pillow and drape a soft velvet throw over the back of your chair. Just be mindful that you don't nod off while on the clock!

3. Infuse a yummy scent.

Buy a ceramic ring that you can fill with essential oil and fit around a light bulb to release the aroma, or try a fragrance diffuser. Make sure the smell is subtle enough not to disturb your neighbors.

4. Make it personal.

If you love the ocean, use a conch shell as a paperweight. Or, the next time you go on a trip, bring back an item for your office, like a framed picture of Boracay. The little reminder of things you love will cheer you up when work gets tough.

Source: Marilyn Zelinsky, author of The Inspired Workplace

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