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5 People Who Will Drive You Insane At Work

Every office has them, so here are some tips on how to deal.

1. The Negatron

If this person is having a bad day, he or she will definitely try to drag down everyone else in the office as well. The problem? Every day is a bad day for the Negatron, so BVs are constantly spread. Ugh, can you say major buzz kill?

How to deal:
Kill ‘em with rainbows and butterflies. Don’t let the negatron rain on your parade. Flash your biggest smile and compliment him or her anyway. If the reaction is negative, kebs lang. At least you’re happy.

2. The Loud Mouth
Okay we get it, it was a funny joke, but is it really necessary to laugh at the top of your lungs for five minutes? You’re in an office, not a market place. Inside voices, please.

How to deal:
Ask him or her to tone it down a bit in a friendly way and explain that you are trying to concentrate. Don’t forget to say thank you after!

3. The Chismosa
The Gossip Girl or Boy will do whatever it takes to get the latest chismis first and fast. Everyone loves a good story, but be wary of the chismosas who will go as far as twisting or fabricating stories to make their stories sound juicier.

How to deal:
Keep your secrets to yourself and choose your office friends wisely. If you’re making kwento to a group of trusted officemates, keep your voice down so that others don’t eavesdrop.

4. The Freeloader
Do you have an officemate who is constantly borrowing money (without paying you back), picking on your baon (without asking), or asking you for "favors" (without giving you anything in return)? Yup, that’s a freeloader.

How to deal:
There’s a fine line between being nice and being a pushover, so make sure to be firm and to stand your ground. The freeloader may be your friend, but that doesn’t mean he or she has the right to abuse your kindness.

5. The Oversharer
You may not even be acquaintances with this person, but you know all about his or her sex life, allergies, and menstrual cycle—gross.

How to deal:
Be polite but excuse yourself from the conversation when things get, well, awkward. Say you need to finish your work or you have a meeting to attend to.

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