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5 Signs You're In A Girl's Car

The car smells like flowers and vanilla and wait, is that a trash can?

Getting inside a girl’s car is like entering a different dimensionI can imagine how every guy who has ever ridden in a lady’s vehicle has thought of this at least once. "Why is her seat too close to the steering wheel?" Or, "What’s a trash can doing here?"

There are so many peculiar things that just don’t make sense to guys, but they're apparently essential to her. We’ve enumerated the top things that will remind a man that he has entered a girl's world on wheels. See if you agree with our list.

1. The fuel tank is always/nearly full or at least half full. 

We do this for peace of mind. We don’t let the fuel gauge drop past the half mark because we want to know that we always have enough fuel to get us from point A to point B. What if Waze takes us to areas that are far from gasoline stations? What if we get caught in a horrendous carmageddon? With the horrible traffic in Metro Manila these days, you can’t really blame us for wanting to make sure, can you?

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2. There’s a lot of space in the back seat. 

That’s because we have the driver’s seat pushed all the way to the front. Most girls are shorter than guys. With this driving position, we get a good grip of the steering wheel and we can comfortably reach the pedals. The result? More legroom in the back!

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3. The sun visor is almost always down. 

Aside from protecting our eyes from the sun, that visor has another use. We check our faces in that small mirror located right there. Because lipstick application is a bitch.

4. There are coins in the center console. 

Some of us even have small bills stashed in the glove box for emergencies, but normally, we keep coins for parking fees within our reach so we don’t have to get our purse when it’s time to pay for parking.

5. The cabin is organized. 

The joke is that men have dirty bedrooms but clean cars, while women have clean bedrooms but dirty cars. We’re guessing you guys actually believe this, but we girls would like to dispute it. In fact, we even have those nifty trunk organizers to keep our shoes (yes, we always have a spare just in case), bags and whatnot neatly arranged. That’s also the reason we usually have a trash can inside the car. We want to keep our ride spick and span.

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