5 Simple Ways to Make a Lasting Impression

Know what to do when you meet someone for the first time.

We've all been there: that moment when you suddenly run into a person you wish you had been more prepared to encounter. Here are five easy ways to make a lasting impression when you find yourself in this type of situation:

1.    Establish Eye Contact

Doing this says you are taking the other person seriously without saying a word. You are being present in the moment for the other's sake, and this is an effective way of making sure you get your new friend's undivided attention as well.

2.    Shake Hands Properly

Giving a firm handshake is as good as sealing the deal; you are a professional who is confident and secure of yourself (whether or not you are, they don’t have to know).

Grasp the other person’s hand without hesitation–not too tight but not too weak, either. Firm is the definitive word. It means you’re a no-nonsense type of person that can be trusted and taken seriously. Don’t forget to make eye contact at the same time!

3.    Smile Sincerely

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A smile is the one thing that can disarm anyone, especially when it is given with full sincerity. Your smile can quickly make someone put his or her guard down and be more accommodating towards you. This can lead to a multitude of possibilities, so generate warmth with every smile you show to the world.

4.    Have a Go-To Style Kit

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We will always have those lazy days when we won’t care to make a genuine effort to look presentable. While this is understandable, remember that the last thing you want is to feel bad after seeing someone because you know fully well that you could've looked better. So, always be ready with your beauty arsenal, even if it's just your blush and mascara (and a pair of heels under your office cubicle). This way, you can do a quick touch up when it matters most.

5.    Remember Names

Set yourself apart by doing a mental note of people's names (or the circumstances) upon meeting them. That way, when you see each other again, you can say, “Yes, of course I remember you, Charles. You were the guy in the distressed checkered jacket that time we met. Looked really cool.”

With something as simple as this, you can already make the other person feel important, and you in turn will have a memorable impression on them. Make sure your comments are sincere and not for the sake of small talk!

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