5 Struggles Only Grade-Conscious Girls Will Understand

If this is called group work, why are you the only one working on it?

It's back to school for most of us, and while grade-conscious students are pretty much psyched about it, they're also dreading their usual struggles. It's never easy to be grade-conscious.

1. Coming up with the perfect review schedule for your major exams. Exam week can drive any decent student nuts, what more you. There are just so many things to study! You need to sit down, possibly for an entire night, to make sure you have the best review schedule possible.

2. The pain in your hand after making review notes the old-school way and highlighting almost entire pages in your textbooks. You just can't help it! Every single detail, even though seemingly small, looks majorly important to you.

3. Spending a lot of money on coffee while you review at the nearby cafe. You need to stay up and you definitely can't concentrate at home (read: too many distractions!), so you end up paying for overpriced coffee just to get some studying done.

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4. Doing most, if not all, of the work in a supposed group effort. It sucks to not be on the same page as your group mates. And since you're the one who's set on getting the highest mark, you put in the most effort. Sometimes, you just got to do it yourself.

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5. The worry that kills you while waiting for the release of your grades or report card. Did you pass the exam? Did you increase or at least maintain your grades? Will you still have a bright future ahead of you? It's so difficult not to overthink!

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