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7 Easy Ways To Declutter Your Place

Having room to breathe will definitely make you feel better.

Decluttering is time-consuming and difficult—mostly because you have to ask yourself over and over again if you need this thing or that thing, and if you think you’ll use it in the near future. It’s easier to just let your stuff pile up in your place. But your home will look messy and your life will feel disorderly, which is the last thing you need. So here are some tips to make it easier for you to get rid of things you haven’t really been needing and using.

1. Dispose of old makeup. If you can’t find the expiration date anywhere, a good rule of thumb is if the product is applied on the eye area, then it has a relatively short lifespan (mascara is good for about four months only). If you want to be sure, you can always contact the brand and check with them.

2. Dispose of old catalogs collecting dust. Sure, you’ve bookmarked a page featuring a bag or a gown you saw four years ago. But you probably haven’t opened that outdated catalog since, precisely because it’s old. Don’t think that one day you’ll want to look at it or buy it (as if it’s still on sale). It’s time to say goodbye to those. If it’s really difficult, take a photo, note the style or product code, Google it, then pin it to your Pinterest board (we have a Pinterest account, BTDubs!)

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3. Start in one corner, and work your way around the room clockwise or counter clockwise. It can be overwhelming to begin decluttering when your room is so full of stuff, you hardly even have floor space. But don’t let this intimidate you. Do baby steps. Once you’re done with one corner, move to your left or your right, and keep going in that direction so you don’t miss any spot and lose momentum.

4. Do the reverse clothes hanger trick. This isn’t the quickest way, but it’s the surest trick if you don’t know which clothes to get rid of. Hang all your clothes in a way that the hanger’s curve faces away from you. For the next six months, after you take a piece of clothing out, return it with the hanger’s curve facing you. That way, you’ll know which clothes you actually wear and can do without. (Which also means more room for new clothes!)

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5. Go digital. Can’t part with those receipts and bills because you want to keep track of your expenses? You can scan or take clear photos of them and save the files in your computer. That way you still have copies when you shred the sheets and throw them away.

6. Or go low-tech. If you’re worried that your computer will get a virus or get hacked and lose all your files, buy those expandable envelopes or filing cases. Label the sections with the months and years, then arrange your bills accordingly.

7. Be motivated with money. If you took out a whole LOT of stuff, hold a garage sale! Make an events page on Facebook for it, or post fliers around your village (with the village association’s permission, of course). You’ll be surprised at how many people will drop by and actually buy your old things. Just make sure to make the prices really low, since they’ll be second-hand.

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