7 Pinoy Expressions You Never Wanna Say

"Wala ka pa ring boyfriend?" SMH.

"Tumaba ka yata ah."

We know honesty is the best policy, but trust us when we say this is NOT a good opening remark when seeing someone again after a long time.

"Wala ka pa ring

UGH. Thanks again for the reminder. 

"Ang itim mo na! Eto, mag-whitening products ka na para gumanda ka."

What’s wrong with being dark? Being white does not immediately make you beautiful. Morenas FTW! 

"Okay lang na late tayo, Filipino time naman yan eh."

And this is why people will never learn. We can’t just expect everyone to be late all the time.

"#BOOMPANES!" "I-push mo 'yan," "Pag may time," or whatever the new fad is...

Okay fine, it’s funny the first few times. But when people say it after every punchline, it gets annoying.

"Bakit wala pa kayong anak? Tumatanda na kayo."

Not everyone wants kids, okay! Please stop forcing the issue.

"Malapit na. Nasa EDSA na ako!"

EDSA is a very long road. Where exactly along EDSA are you, really? 

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