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7 Things Only Short Girls Will Understand

Forget to tiptoe and that bank teller won't see you. AT ALL.

We get it, “cute” and “petite” are universal codes for “short.” And while there’s nothing wrong with those terms of endearment, they can make us feel like we can’t have real struggles as vertically-challenged ladies. Yup, simple everyday things like reaching for that handrail on the MRT or finding pants that don’t need altering are real problems. Can relate? Scroll down and see if you’ve experienced these #shortgirlproblems. 

1. Being mistaken for a high school student

It’s the weekend and you and your girlfriends have planned to check out that new club everyone is talking about. The only hiccup? When you arrive at said club, security won’t let you in until you show some proper I.D. 

2. Mastering the art of cuffing

Buying pants that perfectly fit your waist is hard enough, what more if you have to consider the length, too? (Hello, department store kiddie section!)

3. Tiptoeing in front of tall counters


…or else the bank teller or the cashier won’t see you, AT ALL. 

4. Driving means having the steering wheel close to your chest.

Because if you pull the chair back, you can’t see the road and your feet probably won’t touch the gas pedal. Hugging the steering wheel is the best position to achieve both. 

5. Jumping to reach for an item at the grocery store

You dread the “Laundry” aisle. Heck, you dislike almost every aisle! Why is it that everything you need (especially those in big, bulky packaging) always seems to be placed on the highest shelf?

6. Feeling like you’re always on a high chair

Your legs aren’t long enough to even reach the floor and you end up doing an Indian sit to avoid straining your tiny legs.  

7. Swimming in the kiddie pool is the safest place during outings

You try your best to reach the 5-feet area, but even if you tiptoe or hold on to the gutter, you still end up getting water up your nose. 

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