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Really Mean Things People Say To Girls With Acne


1. "Do you even wash your face?"

Why do people assume that girls with acne have acne, because they don't wash their faces enough? There are so many other things that can trigger zits, such as stress and hormonal imbalance.

2. "Sayang ka."

Pimples come and go, so when they pop out of nowhere after a week of good skin, people who aren't used to your acne outbursts always say, "Wala ka namang ganyan dati, ah." Not helping!

3. “Nakakahawa ba ‘yan?”

This is acne, not leprosy, you guys. Like, we can breathe the same air without you waking up with a zit the next morning.

4. They don't have to say anything sometimes. They literally just have to stare at your zit. 

Don't you hate it when you talk to someone, and halfway through the conversation they notice the pimple on your forehead? (Okay, so it's really big and hard to miss.) And then they stare at it for the duration of your conversation? There has to be a more subtle way of doing this.


5. “Saan mo nakuha ‘yan?”

Sometimes you just wake up with a big one on your cheek, and there's nothing you can do about it!

6. “Yuck, that’s so disgusting!”

You know how body shaming is terrible? Yeah, acne shaming is just as bad. So don't do it. Even if you have #flawless skin. 

7. “Buti nalang wala akong ganyan!”

There are a lot of girls who are#blessed with beautiful skin, and that could be YOU. If that is you, don't rub it in our faces. (But send us the number of your derma, and we will forever be grateful!)

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