8 More Lessons You Learn From A Breakup

One person can't do all the work.

Go with your first instinct. 

As soon as you notice several red flags, take action. Don't try to make excuses for your man. Recognizing that something's wrong early into the relationship can save you a lot of heartache.

Leave a little love for yourself. 

While it’s nice to give your best when it comes to relationships, it’s also important to prioritize yourself. Don’t be too dependent on one person. Live, love yourself, and be YOU, so that you can still pick yourself up in case you two break up. 

One person can’t do all the work.
Relationships require effort from both parties. The next time you get a boyfriend, make sure that you're both invested enough in the relationship to make it work. No one likes to be taken for granted. 

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This is what I want.

After dating a few men, you’ll slowly realize what you want and don’t want in a relationship. And in the long run, these realizations can help you in choosing your future relationships. 

It takes time for your heart to heal.
It doesn’t matter if you came from a long-term relationship or a short one. Being emotionally invested in one person and then breaking up with him still has consequences. Don't be too in a hurry to find someone new. 

There is life outside love. 
Once again, you shouldn’t be too dependent on someone or a relationship just to make you happy–learn how to enjoy life on your own. Take up classes, go to the gym, book trips out of the country! 

You can never change a person. 

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Are you staying in a relationship just because you’re still hoping he would change? Change may be the only thing constant in the world, but the person must be willing for it to happen. 

Don't change just to accommodate someone else.

If you've always felt that you needed to change just to meet your partner’s wants, then it’s only right that you two part ways. You should still be yourself when you’re in a relationship–it’s hard to pretend to be someone you’re not and still be happy about it. 

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