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8 Reasons Why Having A Guy BFF Is The Best

Because not all guys are jerks.

1. He will help you decipher other guys’ cryptic messages and behavior.

Spoiler alert: they aren’t always cryptic; we usually just tend to overthink things. Your guy best friend can provide insight better than your girlfriends (because duh, he’s a guy), so take his word for it. If he tells you the dude you’re crushing on is not into you, he is not into you.

2. He will gladly act like your pseudo-boyfriend, minus the couple-y stuff.

Need a ride? He’ll pick you up. Bored on a Friday night? He’ll invite you to the nearest pub for a drink. A weird guy is hitting on you? He’ll pretend to be your boyfriend to shoo the creeper away.

3. He won’t sugar coat things and will tell you the cold, honest truth.

We all need a reality check from time to time. Your guy BFF will tell you exactly what he's thinking, even if it will hurt you. Just remember that he only has your best interests at heart. If he thinks the guy your dating is a douche, he’s probably right.

4. No drama. If you fight one day, he’ll be totally over it in a few hours.

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Unlike girls, boys don’t like prolonging disagreements. Once he says sorry, he’ll mean it and move on.

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5. You can be totally yourself when you’re around him.

He’s practically your brother, so you don’t have to care about how you look or act around him. Bring out the sweats and the junk food!

6. He will beat up—or at least threaten to hurt—any guy who breaks your heart.

No one will want to mess with you especially when they know you have a loyal boy BFF by your side.

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7. You don’t need to worry about unwanted sexual tension.

Contrary to popular belief, guys and girls CAN be platonic friends. You won’t have to worry about crossing the line with your guy best friend because you know nothing will happen, EVER.

8. He will boost your ego and mean it.

"Eh gago pala siya eh! You’re such a catch. You deserve better." When any other guy makes you feel like you’re not good enough, he will tell you otherwise and actually mean it. He sees you for who you really are and accepts you for it.