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8 Struggles Only Girls With Chubby Cheeks Understand

Contouring is the best makeup technique in the whole world.

1. You ask yourself, "Asan na ba 'yung cheekbones ko?"

    They said the baby fat on your face would go away once you reach adulthood, but you have reached adulthood and you still have fat cheeks. No matter how many angles and poses you try in front of the camera, your cheekbones just NEVER show up in photos.

    2. Contouring has saved your life.

      Not only is this makeup technique ~*life-changing*~, but it is your best friend. In fact, it is the ONLY makeup technique that allows you to look like an #adult, not like a 12 year old.

      3.You are always called cute, never hot.

        It's flattering to be called cute, but come on, do you still want to be called cute even when you are 30? Or 40? People should use more age-appropriate terms like "stunning," "gorgeous," "hot" or "beautiful." Yup, those sound loads better.

        4. People think they can pinch your cheeks all the time.

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          You dread barkada reunions and class reunions, but family reunions are the WORST. A family reunion with your titas and titos is the perfect excuse for them to pinch and squeeze your face constantly. "Ang cuuute, cuuute, cute mo talaga, hija! Baby-faced ka talaga no?" Ewan ko sa 'yo.

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          5. You’ve secretly tried Googling facial exercises and facial slimming techniques.

            Desperate times call for desperate measures and searching online is the way to go! You’ve already browsed through pages and pages of testimonies, beauty blogs, three-day challenges, and facial slimming products from Korea and Japan. Aminin!

            6. You’ve recently discovered that the fish gape is not for you…

              When celebrities and fashion models do it, sobrang achieve! “Bakit ‘pag ako na yung gumagawa mukha akong trying hard na isda?” Where are those cheekbones at?!

              7. You never look fierce.

                Because you are adorable, opting to go the Pia Wurtzbach/Tyra Banks/Beyonce route has never been a success. Mukha ka lang trying hard.

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                8. Despite all of these cons, aging is not a problem!

                  This is probably your sweetest struggle! Because your face looks younger than your actual age, people won’t  believe you when you tell them your real age when the time comes. “Hindi nga? 30 ka? Hindi halata!”