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8 Summer Skills Every Cosmo Girl Should Learn

Be road trip-smart, go on a group date, and sleep hotel-style in your own home! Make the most of the rest of the summer by following these fun and practical suggestions.

1. Keep your beach read from bleeding.

Ever noticed how the ink from your favorite magazine (Cosmo, of course!) ends up all over your slickly SPFed skin? The fix: Bring small bottles of hand sanitizer and baby powder to the beach. After applying your sunscreen, clean up with the gel, then sprinkle the powder liberally on your palms, thighs, and stomach (and anywhere else you rest the magazine as you read).

2. Look toned--without exercising.

Give yourself a dry-brush massage. It'll improve lymph drainage, releasing the fluids that build up and make you appear to have cellulite, says Charles Clark, MD, author of The GI Bikini Diet. Using a soft natural-bristle brush, lightly rub toneable areas in a circular motion for a minute before showering.

3. Unstick your stems.

It's gross, but a fact of life for those of us who aren't supermodel-sized: Your bare thighs chafe or stick when they rub together under a skirt. Stop it with a cure runners swear by: slathering on a chafe-protecting gel, like Vaseline. It lubricates skin, but isn't greasy and won't stain clothes. If you don't like the texture, sprinkle on some feminine powder sparingly between your legs to keep the area dry.

4. Save on a road trip.

Head out before rush hour to avoid stop-and-go traffic (long idles and quick braking require extra fuel). Straighter roads, like the expressways, are best because you avoid gas-sapping sharp corners. (Just watch it, lead foot--speeding wastes fuel!) And, keep your tires fully inflated to save thousands in gas throughout summer.

5. Flavor your water.

Staying hydrated is mucho important in the heat, but guzzling gallons of tasteless liquid isn't so, um, tasty. But water doesn't have to be blah--especially with the bounty of fresh ingredients at your fingertips. Some yummy things to steep in your H2O: pineapple and basil, grapefruit and licorice, ginger and lime, or mint and any fruit.

. Get group dating going.

You already socialize in packs, so why not use the web to cast your net wider? Organize a post-work date gimik, say, at a bar with a good happy hour promo. Invite your pals and a crew of hotties you met online. Maximize sites like Facebook, and set up event pages for your group date gimik. It helps you control the turnout better than other mixers.

7. Find time to wine down.

It seems like Pinoys have grown fond of the grape-borne booze and enjoy sipping on glasses over chika time. On this slow Sunday, gather the gang for a wine-tasting party. Design a tasting card and have guests rate select wine choices according to price points, cheese and chocolate complements, and flavor. Have a wine book handy for reference, so you all learn while loading up.

8. Dress your bed as coolly as your bod.

Fake the getaway vibe by dressing your bed like a fancy hotel would. Using 100 percent cotton or linen sheets, layer with a cotton blanket, and top that with a flat sheet, advises Colin Cowie, author of Colin Cowie Chic. Keep a thin wool blanket at the foot of the bed in case the AC surges overnight.

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