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You'll Probably Learn These 8 Things The Hard Way

In life and love.

1. People will constantly walk in and out of your life.
People change over time. They may fit in your life right now, but things may be different a few years down the road. So just enjoy their company and learn from them while they’re still around, and when it’s time to let go and move on, learn to welcome new people and experiences. And when all else fails, you can always count on the loved ones who are meant to stay in your life for support (shout out to our families and besties!)

2. Having too many expectations will lead to disappointment.
Learn to manage your expectations. There’s nothing wrong with hoping for the best, but it’s also wise to prepare for the worst. It’s important to have a good sense of yourself so that when things don’t go your way, your whole world won’t crumble. Find a way to make the best out of every situation. If you fail, pick yourself up and start again. There's no other way.

3. If you don’t save now, you are screwed.
We know it’s the holidays and you want to spend all your money (because #ballin'), but before you go too crazy, set aside a little money for safekeeping. You don’t want to start the new year broke now, do you? Start small. Ask your bank about investment options and other methods to make your money grow.

4. You will fall in love and it will hurt like a bitch when it ends. Every. Single. Time.
The pain and struggle will always be real. But on the bright side, you will learn how to deal with each breakup better each time. Stay strong and power through, and remember it is not the end of the world. Don’t let old scars keep you from finding true love. It will come at the right time.


5. You can forgive, but you never really completely forget.
Time heals all wounds, but forgetting isn’t always as easy. Lost trust is very difficult to gain back. You can welcome a person who betrayed you back into your life, but that doesn’t mean it will be the way it was before. Your guard will always be up because you’re afraid to be hurt again. Trust your instinct. Second chances should be earned; give them with caution. 

6. When you seek validation from others, you invalidate yourself.
As much as we deny it, the opinions of other people really do matter and affect how we feel about ourselves. We seek the approval of others because we want to feel loved and appreciated. That’s totally understandable, but you have to keep in mind that the only person you truly need to prove yourself to is YOU. At the end of the day, it’s your life. It’s up to you to decide how to live it.

7. Having regrets sucks more than being scared.
Fear holds us back from doing things that will make us vulnerable to failure and pain. But if we let this fear win every time we are confronted with challenges or life-altering choices, we will end up having a lot of regrets. The only way we can win in life is to face the risk of losing.

8. You will never get anywhere unless you keep trying.
Giving up when the going gets tough may be the easy way out, but it will also prevent you from finding genuine happiness and contentment. Don't let the haters rain on your parade and don't be discouraged when people say "no" to you. Use it as motivation to try even harder. 

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