8 Ways To Give Yourself A Well-Deserved Break

Give yourself a little breather with these tips.

1. Do a quick trip to the spa.

Survived a tough day filled with deadly deadlines at work? You deserve a reward—a.k.a. a massage! Visit nearby spas and wellness centers for a 30-minute head or back massage to relieve your stress.

2. Read a book.

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If you don't have the budget or time for a quick spa session, grab a good book instead! Reading a few pages of an engrossing novel helps you boost your memory and reduce stress even during your break time.

3. Stretch.

Too swamped with work to have a long rest? Quick stretching exercises can help improve your posture and blood circulation, even if it's just as simple as standing up from your office chair or walking around for a minute.   

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4. Sip water.

You don't have to down a whole gallon of water to stay hydrated. Studies show that even a few sips of H20 every 15 minutes can do the trick!

5. Watch an episode of your favorite show.

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If you have the luxury of a longer break, watch downloaded or streamed TV episodes on your phone. You can even do this while eating! #Multitask

6. Walk around more.

Walking helps reduce stress and muscle pains because it helps circulate blood in your system. While you're at it, refill your water bottle or do a quick break!

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7. Buy yourself something small.

Whether it's a new bag or new bling, treating yourself once in a while will definitely give you that needed dose of endorphins. Shopping reminds you that you are worthy of these little bits of happiness— especially with the back-breaking work that you do on a daily basis!

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8. Grab your favorite snack.

Another way to keep yourself happy even during break time is to grab a pack of your favorite snack. Make break time your Piattos Time by enjoying a bag by yourself or with a friend! Remember, you can do much better at work if you are happy, well-snacked, less stressed, and recharged.

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