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9 Reasons You Shouldn't Feel Bad About Missing Out On Some Experiences

Aka reasons you shouldn't keep thinking the lives you're not living are way, way better than your real life.

1. You set yourself up for bitterness if you keep wishing you had a life that’s more fun, more exciting, more carefree, or has more adventures. You’d be bitter about how pathetic your life seems and how other people seem to live the lives you want. How they have a stable love life or a fun-filled dating life. How they’re richer than you are so they can afford to go out of town often or eat in fancy restaurants, and how their jobs seem more glamorous than yours. You might think you deserve the life you want to have and you’ll probably be really frustrated (and even throw tantrums) about how unfair the world is when you’re not living it it.

2. You’d get sad (or worse, depressed) if you think you’re missing out in life. It really is depressing to watch life pass you by and to not live the life you want knowing that you only live once and that you’ll never be this young again. If you keep telling yourself or making yourself feel that your life isn’t even a little bit good, you might delude yourself into thinking that you and your life don’t matter and close yourself off from the world. Sadness is a slippery slope, and who knows to what thoughts it’ll take you?

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3. Feeling bad about missing out wastes your time. And it follows that it wastes your life too. The time you waste moping about your “miserable,” “empty,” or “boring” life is time you could’ve spent doing something fun or exciting—essentially doing something about your problem.

4. You might become spoiled (or more of a brat) if you keep feeling bad about missing out. Contrary to what the culture social media has brought about or what your friends might make you think, the world doesn’t exist for you. Meaning, things will not always go your way and you can’t possibly experience every single thing out there that seems cool or fun. And guess what: That’s life and that’s normal. No amount of whining or crying will change that.

5. You can learn to love yourself more. Your experiences and the good and bad ones you’ve missed have shaped the person you are today. Once you somehow understand how they’ve affected you, when you see what good they’ve done for you and what bad they’ve kept from you, you might just appreciate yourself a little bit more or know how to deal with yourself better.

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6. You’ll stop feeling like your life is empty, that it fell short, or is full of loss. If you feel this way because you didn’t get to have an adventure last long weekend even if you really really wanted to and you’d already planned it so well, you need to get a grip and move on.

7. You’ll stop taking things for granted. When you mourn the beautiful lives you’re not living, you’re failing to see the things and people that make your life good or more bearable. Once you get some perspective and appreciate what you have and what surrounds you, you’ll be much happier and your relationships might just become more solid.

8. It can help you pursue what it is you really want in life. Knowing what you missed out on and feeling bad about it will help you weigh your priorities and goals in life. Right now do you really want to spend so much money going abroad or do you want to keep saving for a place of your own? When you know where you want to go and what you want to achieve, there’s no reason for you to head elsewhere and be astray.

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9. Your life’s not over yet. There’s a next time to experience something you just missed. Will there always be a next time? We don’t know for sure, but having faith that there will be one and making sure you’ll take that chance is the best thing you can do for yourself. If you don’t do anything about making your life better in your eyes, you really shouldn’t be complaining because the blame’s all on you.

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