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Anna Cay Shows Us All The Appliances She Bought For Her New Home


In early June, Anna Cay confirmed her engagement to longtime love Geloy Villalobos. A few days later, Anna uploaded a vlog to reveal their future home, a condominium in Taguig. In case you're wondering, they went with a condo over a house for many reasons: 1) Anna and Geloy are in no rush to have their own house 'cause it's just the two of them right now, 2) They aren't used to gawaing bahay yet, and 3) After checking what's out there, they weren't able to find a house that felt like "the one." Plus, a condo has its own security—an important factor for both of them. 

Little by little, the two have been getting their condo ready; there's an entire vlog dedicated to decor shopping! Btw, she's a plantita like us, you guys. 

On June 25, Anna shared all the appliances she bought for the condo—including how much each one costs! Apparently, they were able to save on some stuff because the unit is already furnished with four airconditioners, a built-in oven, a ventilation hood, a built-in refrigerator, and an induction stove. All of which are Bosch brands, in case you're wondering.


Here are all the appliances Anna bought (prices are approximations):

  • Zojirushi Rice Cooker (NS-WAQ18) - P9,000
  • Delonghi Electric Kettle - P3,500
  • Tylr Dish Dryer & Disinfectant (TYL-BJG60) - P5,000
  • Elba Microwave Oven - P9,000
  • Kyowa Turbo Broiler - P1,900
  • Tylr Ice Maker - P9,000
  • Dyson V11 vacuum - P49,500
  • Tefal Steam Iron - P12,500
  • Panasonic Front Load Washing Machine - P50,000
  • Delonghi Primadonna Exclusive Coffee Machine - P158,000
  • Dyson Pure Air Purifier - P29,000

Watch the entire vlog below:


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