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Horoscope: Everything You Need To Know About Aquarius

Meet Aquarius, the idealistic activist of the zodiac.
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January 20 to February 18

Symbol: The Water Bearer

Ruling Planet: Uranus

Best Love Match: Aries

Famous Aquarius: Mozart

Forward thinking, smart, and ahead of the pack, Aquarians want to make a difference in the world. In doing so though, they often forget about their personal relationships, leaving their friends and significant others in the dust. It’s easy to let go of grudges against Aquarians though—they’re too fascinating to overlook and forget.

At work, Aquarians don’t follow the rules.

Aquarius knows they’re different from the rest, and they wear this rebellious streak proudly, especially at work. They’ll bend the rules because they know better. They won’t blindly follow structures or systems just because it’s what done. Sometimes, they have an unhealthily negative bias against the powers that be, because their automatic response is to question everything that most people simply accept. Aquarius is innately intelligent, so it’s no fault of theirs that they question everything—they don’t mean to be disruptors, they just want everything to work better.


It’s for this very reason that Aquarius has trouble holding a power position at work. They’re not exactly comfortable doling out orders or being “the establishment.” Instead of being authoritative, they’ll try to make work as fun as possible and keep the environment lighthearted, downplaying their position.

Because Aquarians are so quick with their thoughts, they can seem a little tough to contain in a work situation. Here one day and there the other, it can be challenging to catch up with them—physically and mentally. When you’re able to ride their wave, however, you’ll find yourself in a completely enjoyable work partnership.

In love, Aquarius is made for long distance.

Before any romance kicks in, Aquarius wants to be sure that they’re friends with their partner first. The relationships they build are always founded on deep bonds. Once those ties are cemented, it’s easy for Aquarius to bring their best self into the relationship. They’re fun, great conversationalists and will often pick a partner who can keep up with their multi-dimensional interests. They’ll only be with someone they find intelligent, and it’s this intellectual back and forth plus friendship that gets them through even the toughest long distance relationships.

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That said, the minute Aquarius realizes they’re a little too confined and too restricted, they may begin to pull away. A master at ghosting, they can go AWOL on their partners, forgetting the friendship they’d forged on the onset of the relationship.

If Aquarius can maintain a healthy balance between freedom and friendship in a romantic relationship, they’ll stay away from their player tendencies.

Aquarius is a great friend, but doesn’t always show up.

Because human connection is extremely important to Aquarius, they value their friendships more than most other signs in the zodiac. The way they value the people in their lives, however, is different from what most people would expect. In and out rather than there through thick and thin, these spontaneous people will show up in their social circles when they feel like it—not because they’re lacking in commitment, but because they love hopping from one circle to the next. They love to circulate.


Aquarius can always be trusted to show their friends a great time. They aren’t, however, the types of friends you can trust will show up for you when you’re in a lurch. While they are perfect conversationalists, they would much prefer to initiate connection and contact rather than be the ones their friends look for. Their quirky character is pretty hard to resist and most of Aquarians friends take this trait with a grain of salt.

Among family, Aquarius is the chill one.

Aquarius just never takes family issues too seriously. They’re there to lighten the mood and keep everyone’s spirits up, especially when things get a little too doom and gloom. Their rebellious streak sometimes inspires them to shake things up, and disrupt the routine everyone’s gotten used to. They toe the line between shocking everyone with their quirks (without meaning to), and keeping everyone happy.


If Aquarius feels confined by stuffy traditions, their family can expect that they won’t take it sitting down. The only thing that’ll take Aquarius out of their chill is a rule that pushes the world back a couple of centuries (nothing backward gets past Aquarius!).

Not prone to competition among siblings, Aquarius finds comfort among family, especially when all the other areas of their life are under pressure. They have a knack for winning everyone over, even siblings who can’t always tolerate their quirky behavior.

In health, Aquarius needs to work on managing anxiety.

As an air sign, Aquarius is always engaging in mental processes. In their heads most of the time, they are prone to suffer from headaches and mental distress. It’s important for them to instill stress management techniques into their daily lives in order to function optimally. It’s important for Aquarius to get away from all the tech from time to time. Anything that stimulates them (blue screens from gadgets, a TV that’s on the entire night, etc.) needs to be toned down and regulated.


Burnout is also Aquarius’ biggest enemy. Because they want to do so much for so many people all at once, they tend to overload themselves with work and heavy burdens.  Aquarius needs to train themselves to know when to step on the brakes and take a vacation.

Aquarius sees trouble in the world and immediately wants to dive in so they can make it better. They need to draw boundaries between making the world a better place and serving themselves first so they can serve everyone better.

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